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The truth was that his mind was roused by the conflicts of the day. When he went to bed, he had several pleasant thoughts. Yet she found time to answer it by the very next post.

The rest, sheltered by a storm, escaped to the mountains to perish for the most part of cold and hunger. "The only thing I regret," said the Master of Stair, when the news reached him, "is that any got away." But whatever horror the Massacre of Glencoe has roused in later days few save Dalrymple knew of it at the time.

"What ailest thee, Tristan? thou who art already a damoiseau and shalt be a true knight? Thou art verily dreaming I see nothing." "They are gone within in the first great court of the palace those who came. They were the King's gentlemen all the King's gentlemen Messer Andrea among them. I thought the champing would have roused the Queen who hath been watching all the day.

It was only for an instant, however, for there swept through him the feeling that Fleda had roused in him the first real passion, the first true love if what such as he felt can be love that he had ever known; and he saw her again as she was in the but in the wood defying him, ready to defend herself against him. All his erotic anger and melodramatic fervour were alive in him once more.

It must have been several hours, for I had been tired from a busy day, and I wakened stiff from my awkward position. I could not remember where I was for a few minutes, and my head felt heavy and congested. Gradually I roused to my surroundings, and to the fact that in spite of the ventilators, the air was bad and growing worse.

"Well, but hear me out," said Wylie. "I say it is 150,000 pounds to you and 2,000 pounds to me, or else it is twenty years' penal servitude to both on us." "Penal servitude!" And the words roused the merchant from his lethargy like a shower-bath. "You know that well enough," said Wylie. "Why, 'twas a hanging matter a few years ago.

It was evident to his mind that Mr. Graves had suddenly become crazed about something. This idea produced a feeling of alarm, and he was about retiring for counsel and assistance, when the tavern-keeper roused himself and said: "When did you see Bill Riley, Sandy?" "I saw him yesterday." "Are you certain?" in a quick, eager tone. "O yes.

I sat down and wept more bitterly than I had done; but the hunger of a boy is keener than his grief so I at length made a hearty meal, moistened by my tears, and wept myself asleep. How long I had lain thus I had no means of ascertaining. I was roused by the voice of mirth and singing in another apartment.

She looked at him curiously. A new idea concerning this man and his avoidance of her crept into her mind. It was at least consoling to her vanity, and it left her a chance. She had roused him too, at last, and that was worth something. "Why not?" she asked, moving a step towards him. "It was a foolish promise. It has done neither of us any good. It has spoilt a part of my life.

The sacred spirit which gave nobility to so many, which transformed mechanics, tradesmen, village lawyers, and plain country-gentlemen into statesmen, philosophers, diplomatists, and great captains, which united the children of many races into one nation, and roused a simple people to deeds of lofty heroism, awakened no enthusiasm in him.