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In January of that same year, 1482, Cardinal Roderigo had married his daughter Girolama now aged fifteen to Giovanni Andrea Cesarini, the scion of a patrician Roman house. The alliance strengthened the bonds of good feeling which for some considerable time had prevailed between the two families. Unfortunately the young couple were not destined to many years of life together, as in 1483 both died.

In looking on these beautiful and serene works, we may already notice an advance on the work of Andrea Pisano in a certain ease and harmony, a richness and variety, that were beyond the older master.

"Andrea, Andrea," repeated several young people, who were already on sufficiently intimate terms with him to call him by his Christian name. "Call the prince; inform him that it is his turn to sign," cried Danglars to one of the floorkeepers.

They went on down town with the purpose of seeing life, as Jeff said, and got into a surge of shiny-eyed Mill Enders who looked to Jeff as if they were commiserating him although it was his candidate that won. Andrea, indeed, in the moment of their meeting and parting almost wept over him. And face to face they met Lydia. "I've lost Farvie," she said, "and Anne. Can't I come with you?"

They wish for secrecy, since we are to converse in a private room. I understand, Bertuccio has been sent by my protector." The keeper spoke for a moment with an official, then opened the iron gates and conducted Andrea to a room on the first floor.

The Venetian Admiral Andrea Dandolo immediately manned a larger fleet and entrusted the command of a galley to Marco Polo who was justly considered an able commander.

Let's forget about the moral aspects for a moment: Is it in any way conceivable that such an extensive conspiracy to commit these assassinations will remain a secret here in Venice for as long as it would take for it to achieve the goal of intimidating their enemies?" "It is inconceivable," replied Andrea calmly. "Whatever three Venetians know, the Council of Ten knows.

"It is not over-easy to hold His Majesty to any faith or compact, by what one may guess from the talk of the Senate: but the favor of Venice is needful to him." "And none the less that there be those who favor him not. Genoa is wroth at him for having chased them from Famagosta the most marvellous stronghold in the world, if one may credit Messer Andrea Cornaro, the friend of the King."

Andrea da Sansovino worked for him for nine years from 1491 to 1499, and although scarcely anything done by him can now be found, he here too set an example to Dom Manoel, who summoned so many foreign artists to the country and who sent so many of his own people to study in Italy and in Flanders.

Seeing me in the company of Andrea de Mancini he might who could say? even deem me one of those parasites who cling to young men of fortune so that they may live at their expense. That the daughter would have formed such a conceit of me I was assured; it but remained to see with what countenance the father would greet me.

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