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I suppose I'll have to go on a peace party to ask him." Sam made no answer, but looked and listened out toward the trail, then said: "Talk of the er Angels, here comes Da." When the big man strode up Yan and Guy became very shy and held back. Sam, in full war-paint, prattled on in his usual style. "Morning, Da; I'm yer kid. Bet ye'r in trouble an' want advice or something."

Therefore little Jurgen was spanked, alike for staying out all night and for his wild lying: and they of Poictesme awaited the return of their great Dom Manuel; and not for a long while did they suspect that Manuel had departed homeward, after having succeeded in everything. Nor for a long while was the whole of little Jurgen's story made public. Colophon: Da Capo

Later on our artist was called Fra Angelico, and again Il Beato Angelico, and then, according to Italian custom, the name of the town from which he came was added, so that he was at last called Il Beato Giovanni, detto Angelico, da Fiesole, which means, "The Blessed John, called the Angelic, of Fiesole."

Sam was gratified to see such effect produced by the family possessions and explained, "Da shot that off'n the barn an' the hired man stuffed it." The boys were getting on well together now. They exchanged confidences all day as they met in doing chores.

Gama was obliged to point his artillery at the town and threaten to reduce it to ashes before he could obtain the water needed for the prosecution of his voyage. Blood flowed, and Paul da Gama captured two barques, whose rich cargo was divided amongst the sailors.

Venice and Florence bethought them that the protection of France had been expressly for the Church and not for Cesare personally. So the Venetians at once supplied Guidobaldo da Montefeltre with troops wherewith to reconquer his dominions, and by the 24th he was master of S. Leo.

"I am going to take him away from here." Da Souza was no longer cringing. He shrugged his shoulders and thrust his fat little hands into his trousers pockets. "Very well," he said darkly, "you go your own way. You won't take my advice. I've been a City man all my life, and I know a thing or two.

Connected with the church is a monastery dedicated to St. Jerome. In one of the upper corridors is a beautiful arched fresco of the Madonna and Child, by Leonardo da Vinci, with the donor of the picture in profile kneeling before her. The picture is surrounded by a frame of fruit and flowers on an enamelled ground.

"No, I ain't! But you tell-a da Signorina " "Sure I will " "My lil' Pietro he love-a da Signorina; me, I love-a her she so good, so generosa, ah, yes!" And taking off his hat in one hand, Tony kissed the other and waved it gracefully in the air. "Right-o, Tony!" nodded Spike. "You can let it go at that. An' say this is me friend Geoff." Tony gripped Mr. Ravenslee's hand and shook it.

But he'll never do it, not 'im. You see, Da Jacky, it all 'appened this way. She was going to a young ladies' boarding-school up in Connecticut w'en she fust saw Tom Braddock. Her father lived in New York City and he was a very wealthy guy. She was 'is only child and 'er mother was dead.

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