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It was just as though his imitators had learnt to write beautifully and then had had little to say. Leonardo da Vinci died a few months before Raphael. Several of his pupils were artists of ability, and lived to carry on his traditions of painting in the north of Italy.

Not that I am worse, for I am continually better. But but, in short, not to speak too gravely, if a man feels as if one of the snakes of Medusa's head were certainly in his brain, I have seen a horrible picture of the Medusa to-day by Leonardo da Vinci, he cannot be very happy, you know.

Verrocchio's true pupil, if we may call him a pupil of any master at all who was an universal genius, wayward and altogether personal in everything he did, was Leonardo da Vinci. It is the Adoration of the Magi , scarcely more than a shadow, begun in 1478. Leonardo was a wanderer all his life, an engineer, a musician, a sculptor, an architect, a mathematician, as well as a painter.

Marco, of Florence, was one of the first who became enamoured of that superiority which grandeur and decision of character gives to art; and, indeed, of all those higher excellences which the philosophical mind of Da Vinci had accomplished.

"If Leonardo da Vinci could have seen this fellow's face just now," thought the artist, "he would not have had to seek so long for his model for the face of Judas. Only for my poniard, my fate would have been settled. This man was ready to murder me." "Listen, Lambernier," said he, "I was wrong to strike you, and I would like to atone for it.

I shall not attempt to enter into any details as to the respective excellence of the different paintings. The following lines on Raphael, will be readily admitted as just by those who have seen some of his sublime pictures: Hic ille est Raphael, timuit quo sospite vinci, Rerum magna parens, et moriente mori.

Thus, a short time ago, I read in an English cyclopædia the doctrine of the origin of Blue. First came the correct view of Leonardo da Vinci, but then followed, as quietly as possible, the error of Newton, coupled with remarks that this was to be adhered to because it was the view generally adopted." I could not help laughing with surprise when I heard this.

And they leaned back in their chairs, their eyes filled with the torpor of digestion. Frank brought out a bottle of old port, the last of a large supply which he had had from Mount Rorke's wine merchant. The pleasure of the wine was in their stomachs, and under its influence they talked of Tennyson, Leonardo da Vinci, Corot, and the Ingoldsby Legends.

He studied under a diversity of masters, including Leonardo da Vinci, Albertinelli, Piero di Cosimo; and finally, in 1512, he entered Andrea del Sarto's school, but did not stay long there either. Some say Andrea was jealous of his success; he, however, had generosity enough to praise and acknowledge his talent, and to show his appreciation by giving him important work to do in his own studio.

Pope Leo X. received him cordially enough, and told him to "work for the glory of God, Italy, Leo X., and Leonardo da Vinci." But Leonardo was not happy in Rome, where Michael Angelo and Raphael were in great favor, and when Francis I. made his successes in Italy in 1515, Leonardo hastened to Lombardy to meet him.

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