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Have you any little ones among your pupils?" "Yes, three two of them darlings." "Pretty?" "Lovely!" Old Jolyon sighed; he had an insatiable appetite for the very young. "My little sweet," he said, "is devoted to music; she'll be a musician some day. You wouldn't give me your opinion of her playing, I suppose?" "Of course I will."

It may also be urged that the teacher, under the system as now perfected, is far too much of an automaton a mere machine, wound up to proceed so far and no farther. He is not allowed sufficient of that free volition which would enable him to develop the best qualities of his pupils, and to elevate their general tone. Polite manners among the pupils are just as valuable as orderly habits.

But stay, my little friend, I will give you the address of several of my pupils: tell them I sent you, and you will certainly find some one of them who will do what you wish. Good-morning, Henry! 'Good-by, my little friend, added the lady. 'I hope you may be successful. The boy took his leave with a bursting heart.

Seriously I should say that the best thing you can all do when the fighting begins in the streets, is to keep out of the way until your battalion is engaged, then burn anything in the way of uniform, get rid of your rifle somehow, and gather at Goudé's. He could vouch for you all as being his pupils, and as being wholly opposed to the Commune.

"I'd be quite a fellow with a trim yellow moustache," he thought. One day in his class-room Hugh suddenly began to look with new interest at his pupils. A young girl attracted his attention. She sat beside the son of a Union Valley merchant and the young man was writing something on the back of a book. She looked at it and then turned her head away. The young man waited.

PARVO CONTENTUS, in the meanwhile, I hear my pupils parse and construe, worshipful sir, and drive away my time with the aid of the Muses.

They have enlarged their concept of education and have become too generous in their impulses to subject either teachers or pupils to an ordeal that is a drag upon their mental and spiritual freedom. What purposes are actually achieved by examinations? What evils necessarily accompany examinations? What evils usually accompany them?

It seemed to me that while I was speaking I should see her eyes open wide, and, through the distended pupils, discern the rending asunder of her being, even to her heart, and that she would go mad or fall down dead on the spot, before my eyes. No, I would speak to her myself. If I held the convincing proof in my hands I would appeal to justice. But then a new scene arose before me.

Foster says: "Our plans were by no means limited to the public schools, but included Brown University, the Rhode Island State Normal School, the Commercial College, the private schools for girls, and the two private boys' schools preparatory for college, one of which has ten teachers and some two hundred and fifty pupils.

This is your little cousin Vala; she is nearly two years old. Is she not very pretty?" "I know not what to say. She is too pretty for words." "Sit down, cousin, and tell me all." And as they talked her eyes enthralled him. They were deep blue, and had a solar brilliancy as if they imbibed light holy eyes, with the slow-moving pupils that indicate a religious, perhaps a mystical, soul.