If he tried to drag it out and show it her, no one could tell what would happen to it. She sighed deeply. "It's this being away all day. If I had been at home you would have asked me for the money, wouldn't you? And then you forgot to tell me. But I've been a little worried. You didn't take it all, did you, dear?" "Yes, I did. I spent it at the Circus. And then I gave some to Cosgrave."

But she is dead thank God! Fear not for me, I shall not starve; these hands can support life. God bless thee loved as thou still art! If, years hence, I should feel my end draw near, I will drag myself to thy country, and look once more on thy face before I die." Godolphin sank down, and covered his face with his hands. Constance took up the letter. "Ay read it!" said he in a hollow voice.

They were riding knee to knee in the dust of the drag through a small arroyo. The cowpuncher swallowed once or twice in a dry throat and blurted out, "I got something to tell you before I go, Polly." The girl flashed a look at him. She recognized the symptoms. Her gaze went back to the wavelike motion of the backs of the moving yearlings. "Don't, Billie," she said gently.

The infant had grasped a handful of his father's wavy gray hair and was making an earnest and gratifyingly successful effort to drag it out by the roots. Von Heller's face, certainly ten years younger than when we saw it last, was alight with pride in this precocious offspring.

"I am sure that something besides dead rocks lies at the bottom of the stream." So they hung heavy weights to the net, and began to drag it again, this time going down stream.

Sometimes he sounds, going down, down, down, until all the line in the boat is exhausted, and all that other boats can bend on is gone too. Then the end is thrown over with a drag, and his reappearance awaited.

He declared, however, that this death would issue in his exaltation and triumph; that he wasthe stone which the builders rejected,” whichwas made the head of the corner.” He also warned his enemies that all who, in unbelief, should stumble on that stone, all who should reject him, would bebroken to pieces,” and all who should attempt to drag down that stone would be ground and scattered as dust.

On this trip our drag rope tore sections out of scores of fences, upset many haystacks, injured horses and cattle that tried to run across it, whipped off many a chimney, broke telegraph wires, and seemed to take malicious delight in working some havoc with everything it touched.

It had, indeed, been a fearful amusement of Tim and other Hintock lads especially those who had a dim sense of becoming renowned poachers when they reached their prime to drag out this trap from its hiding, set it, and throw it with billets of wood, which were penetrated by the teeth to the depth of near an inch.

Some required little assistance when once off their feet; just a slow, steady pull from the oars, and a taut enough halter to lean on in the tight places. But others rolled over like logs when the full force of the current struck them, threatening to drag the boat under, as it and the horse raced away down stream with the oarsmen straining their utmost.