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"Billie, I wish I could shake you right here by the Michigander sea. How dare you keep back any news of my family from me?" "It was something about there not being any more dividends until after the war, on some stock. I guess it hit grandfather, too, but I heard him say that there wasn't a farm up there that couldn't support itself, properly run, and he guessed they'd all weather the storm."

Everything else in the world was secondary to her love for her father's brand and the anxiety of the past two years of its decline eclipsed all other issues. Her reflections were interrupted by Harris's voice just outside her teepee. "Asleep, Billie?" he asked softly. "No," she said. "What is it?" "I've thrown your saddle on Papoose," he said. "Let's have a look around."

"He's too good natured to be a crook; he needs a guardian rather than a warden." It flashed into the doctor's mind that many a woman had fallen in love with a man merely because he seemed to be in need of some one to take care of him. That is, the self-reliant kind of woman; and Billie certainly was self- reliant.

After she had tried and failed on half a dozen different compositions, she gave up the attempt, and they roamed upstairs, looking through one room after another until Billie accidentally opened the door that led to the attic. "Here's where we want to go, girls," she cried. "Mother said this was the spookiest place in the whole house except the cellar." "Hadn't we better get Mrs.

Yet the older man noticed that his white lips could scarcely find strength to make the indomitable boast. Very gently Billie lifted the wounded man and put him on the back of the cowpony. He held him there and guided the animal through the sand to the bend. Clanton hung on with clenched teeth, calling on the last ounce of power in his exhausted body with his strong will.

On the front seat beside Billie sat Nicholas, and Reginald was in the back with Elinor. Every laddie had a lassie that morning, and Billie, who was a bit skeptical over Nancy's headache, wondered vaguely if this could have been the reason for her staying at home. But she put the thought away from her at once as being unworthy. Billie sighed and gave herself an impatient little shake.

It's lucky I found her when I did, because the car was moved to another garage this morning and I lost its trail." "What are you going to do?" inquired the other. "Call on her to extend your sympathy? That's about the last thing on earth that Gentleman Geoff's Billie wants, under any circumstances."

Wilhelmina's friend, Miss Hubbard. She is coming. That will be all, except young Hignett himself." "Hignett!" cried Mr. Bennett. "Mr. Hignett!" exclaimed Billie. There was an almost imperceptible pause before Mr. Mortimer spoke again, and for an instant the demon of embarrassment hovered, unseen but present, above the dinner table. Mr.

I looked him up a good deal, but he was mostly quiet. He didn't want to fish, or to swim, or to go out to the farm he just read, Shakespeare and other books; lying in the grass by his house. And he wouldn't come down to see me much, because he said it made him think of Little Billie.

"And I can send Chet to Boxton Military Academy. Won't that be fine?" "And you can have enough left to pay for that old statue," added Laura, with a smile. "I knew something good would come out of this queer old house at Cherry Corners." "Well, you needn't take all the credit to yourself," said Billie, the lilt of happiness and excitement in her voice.