Astuteness was not the least marked of Miss Lee's many charming characteristics, and although her guardian gave no outward sign of his belligerent intentions, she felt an inward conviction that a decisive trial of strength between them was at hand. Five or six years earlier she had engaged in a trial of this nature with her mother, and had emerged from it victorious.

"And what may be those circumstances that convert an act of adoration into an outrage, my sweet cousin?" "Sir, you know them well. I have not concealed from you or my guardian that I am the affianced bride of Doctor Rocke, nor that our troth was plighted with the full consent of my dear father," said Clara, gravely.

The plume which has been placed on the child's head in the kiva during the initiation is not removed till the fourth morning after the planting of the feathers, when he again goes over the road with his guardian, who deposits the plume from the child's head with a prayer, which is repeated by the child. Thus ends this remarkable initiation of the Zuñi male child into the order of the Kōk-kō.

But bend and breathe upon it, and it will bloom again! Ah, that day at Penshurst! when I sought you and they told me you were gone a brother ill and calling for you a guardian, no friend of mine, to whose house I had not access! And then the Queen must send for me, and there was service to be done service which got me my knighthood.... The stream between us widened.

We understood them that the great white heron was their guardian spirit and would be ours. I said, "They do not think of it as just those stalking, stilly standing birds! It is a name for something hovering, brooding, caring for them." The Viceroy spoke with energy. "Tell them of Father, Son and Holy Ghost!" Fray Ignatio stood and spoke, gentle and plain. Diego Colon made what headway he could.

The father is dead now, and she has a guardian, the best and kindest man in the world; he is rather old of course, and sometimes very quiet and grave, but sometimes when he is happy, he is full of fun, and then Evelyn is not afraid of him. Yes, the girl shall be called Evelyn Abercrombie, and her guardian's name shall be Mr. Adam Ladd." "Do you know Mr. Ladd?" asked Miss Maxwell in surprise.

I am a Harvard man, born in Salem, and of an old Massachusetts family. Ever since I made up my mind as a boy to enter the law it has been my ambition to study in your office; and, I may add, it is also the earnest hope of my guardian, Mr. Toddleham." "Do you refer to the Mr. Toddleham of 'Toddleham on Perpetuities'?" he asked with some interest.

Dear Bahá’í Sister: The beloved Guardian has received your recent letter, and has instructed me to answer you on his behalf. He was grieved to hear of the passing of Mr. Rahmatollah Saffar. He deeply appreciates the services rendered the Faith by him, and wishes to extend his loving sympathy to his family, and to assure them of his prayers for the progress of his spirit.

After this, the father has by the praetor's edict the same rights over the property of the emancipated child as a patron has over the property of his freedman: and if at the time of emancipation the child, whether son or daughter, or in some remoter degree of relationship, is beneath the age of puberty, the father becomes by the emancipation his or her guardian.

How came this angelic little being in that poor remote cottage with that bent and wrinkled old woman for a guardian? He walked past me very slowly, a sprig of southernwood in his hand; then after going by he stopped and turned, and approaching me in a shy manner and without saying a word offered me the little pale green feathery spray.