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Most of the difficulties which we have experienced and of the losses which we have sustained since the establishment of our independence have proceeded from the unsettled state of those rights and the extent to which the belligerent claim has been carried against the neutral party.

Mellicent's eyes, still mutinous, sought first the kindly questioning face of the man, then the no less kindly but rather grave face of the woman. Then in a little breathless burst it came. "It's just something they're all saying Mrs. Pennock said about me." "What was it?" Two little red spots had come into Miss Maggie's cheeks. "Yes, what was it?" Mr. Smith was looking actually belligerent.

The Administration was steadfast in upholding the right of Americans to travel the seas when and whither they chose, immune under international law from interference or menace on the part of any belligerent power. Strong factions in Congress, in the face of Germany's new decree, feared that the Administration's stand was driving the country into certain war with Germany.

Thus, therefore, the political object, as the original motive of the War, will be the standard for determining both the aim of the military force and also the amount of effort to be made. This it cannot be in itself, but it is so in relation to both the belligerent States, because we are concerned with realities, not with mere abstractions.

A quarrel of a belligerent character in September, ,1851, with Cadet William R. Terrill, put an end to this anticipation, however, and threw me back into the class which graduated in 1853.

All this he told me was requisite to my being well received, though no one thought much of any breach of compact subsequently, except Mrs. Clan herself. The ladies had, alas! been often treated vilely before; the doctor had never had a patient; and as for the belligerent knight of the dead office, he'd rather die than fight any day.

Even you couldn't spoil 'Bob." He raised his red, belligerent eyes and fixed them upon his old friend, but there was now a kindly light in them. "You made a real son of her, didn't you, Tom?" "Almost. I was mighty disappointed because she was a girl, but I don't know as a boy could of turned out much better. Well, Judge, I got to be moving."

"My God!" he cried bitterly, planting himself before Wilton in a belligerent attitude, "every infernal thing that can happen to a man happened to me yesterday. It wasn't enough that you robbed me and tried to murder me yes, you did, sir! but when I was in the city I was robbed in the subway by a pickpocket.

"Secondly, not to permit or suffer either belligerent to make use of its ports of waters as the base of naval operations against the other, or for the purpose of the renewal or augmentation of military supplies or arms, or the recruitment of men. Right Hon. Russell Gurney, M. P., was the English Commissioner; Hon. Hon.

"Moreover, if she had been the person who peered at you over the gallery railing last night, don't you suppose, with her er belligerent disposition, she could have filled you as full of lead as a window weight?" "I do," I assented. "It wasn't Alice-sit-by-the-fire. I grant you that. Then who was it?" Hotchkiss felt certain that it had been Sullivan, but I was not so sure.

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