His final trials created a sensation and he was on the eve of selling his invention to the Government when he was killed and his plans stolen. Circumstantial evidence pointed to an international spy named Ekstrom Adolph Ekstrom, once Chief of the Aviation Corps of the German Army, cashiered for general blackguardism with a suspicion of treason to boot.

Such meetings are useful, but their influence and intention do not extend beyond the material welfare and government of mankindthat is to say, they serve material civilization. This meeting of yours tonight is very different in character. It is a universal gathering; it is heavenly and divine in purpose because it serves the oneness of the world of humanity and promotes international peace.

Coming now to that great majority who will not choose idleness, I think we may assume that, with the help of science, and by the elimination of the vast amount of unproductive work involved in internal and international competition, the whole community could be kept in comfort by means of four hours' work a day.

The foundation of all religion is one Religion must be the cause of unity Religion must accord with science and reason Independent investigation of truth Equality between men and women The abandoning of all prejudices among mankind Universal peace Universal education A universal language Solution of the economic problem An international tribunal.

George Howard Lewis of Buffalo. To all of them, and to thousands of others, I make my grateful acknowledgment of indebtedness for friendship and for help. I have said much of the interest attending the international meetings held in Chicago, London, Berlin, and Stockholm.

The Congress, however, buried the proposed statute in its sections the last honor for Proudhon's much harassed project. But in the congress of the next year the Anarchists made quite another kind of influence felt. In the meantime the "Alliance" had been absorbed in the "International."

Probably in no other respect is our legislation, both State and National, so far behind practically the entire civilized world as in the matter of liability and compensation for accidents in industry. It is humiliating that at European international congresses on accidents the United States should be singled out as the most belated among the nations in respect to employers' liability legislation.

"And grant, O most merciful Father, that the fruits of this great Exposition may be enlarged national prosperity, international comity and peace, and the strengthening of the ties of human brotherhood throughout the world.

The Second International Conference of American Republics, held in Mexico in the years 1901-2, provided for the holding of the third conference within five years, and committed the fixing of the time and place and the arrangements for the conference to the governing board of the Bureau of American Republics, composed of the representatives of all the American nations in Washington.

Because he got a story in the International Magazine, he's stuck on himself, and he won't hustle for news he wants to write pipe-dreams. What the public wants just now is news." "That's it," said one of the group, "and we must give it to them even if we have to fake it." Great events followed each other with great rapidity.