But at last, after some weeks, during which he remained unapproached, and at the end of which he came to a belated perception of the insuperable barrier between the elect and the undesirable, and of his own identity with the latter class, he decided he must fall back upon his friends for what they might be worth.

Many of these turned to stare at the belated guest, and William was unconscious of neither their low estate nor his own quality as a patrician man-about-town in almost perfectly fitting evening dress.

"He told me he had no higher desires on earth than to do things for me," she said, springing up and starting home with a song in her heart. Mrs. Farnshaw, called to the door by the barking of the dogs, exclaimed: "What in this world brings you home at this time of day?" Mrs. Farnshaw's hands were covered with the dough of her belated Saturday's baking.

"What difference can it possibly make whether I speak to you or not, Mr. St " "Don't!" he interrupted swiftly. "You know my name. You shall not call me by that one." Hare's neat pink face appeared at the ticket-window, for all the world like a belated theatre-goer, anxious for several in the orchestra. "Ah, Mary! There you are! Whenever you are ready "

We have not an acquaintance intimate enough with us to take such a liberty. And it cannot be a belated traveler, for we are miles from any public road." "Dat's jes' what I been a-sayin' to myself, sir. But we shall find out now directly." While this short conversation went on, the carriage drew nearer and nearer, and finally rolled up to the door and stopped.

The boys of the New Army, and the Germans facing them, had an attack of the nerves, as always at that hour. The flares were still rising, but had the debauched look of belated fireworks after a night of orgy. In a distant field a cock crew. The dawn lightened all the sky, and the shadows crept away from the ruins of Ypres, and all the ghastly wreckage of the city was revealed again nakedly.

The Turin-Paris express the most direct, the Italians call it was too popular by half to suit the taste of morose beings who wished for solitude. With great trouble and pains I had ferreted out a single vacant compartment; but as four o'clock sounded and the whistle blew for departure, a belated traveler joined me worse still, an acquaintance who could not be quite ignored.

Gibney discovered when, having at length communicated his desires to McGuffey, he spun the wheel frantically in a belated effort to swing the Maggie's dirty nose out to sea. "Nothin' doin'," he snarled. "She'll have to come to a complete stop before she begins to walk backward and get steerage way on again. She'll bump as sure as death an' taxes."

She put a little kettle on the gas-stove, fetched a clean cup and saucer, and presently sat down to her belated meal. Susy dashed upstairs. She put on her hat and jacket, snatched up a pair of gloves, and the next moment was out of the house. "Free at last," she thought. "But, oh, what an evening I have had! I must say it is horrid to be poor.

Close to the rear wall overhanging the lake, ran a treillage of grape vines, and on the small grass sown plat of garden, belated paeonies tossed up their brilliant balls, as play-things for the wind that swept over the blue waves, breaking into a fringe of foam beyond the stone enclosure.