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Not being in Italy, the Italians can't take exception to it, and if it is properly witnessed and recorded at home it ought to stand." They couldn't of course take it in all at once that they were simply to sail out there into the ethereal blueness and to come back from it with the right to live together.

Buonarroti, it is clear, wasted his time, not through indolence, but through allowing the gloom of a suspicious and downcast temperament what the Italians call accidia to settle on his spirits. Skipping a year, we find that these troublesome negotiations about the tomb were still pending.

The street along the water-front was a moving mass of refugees from Telegraph Hill, and Mr. Clatt was standing in the launch, on the alert. He gave a shout of delight as he saw Isabel, and she waved her hand. As she reached the wharf and forced her way through the Italians and Mexicans, who regarded her with no great favor, she noticed a small party of Chinese evidently in distress.

Of Longfellow, the "Evangeline" is familiar to Italians, through a translation of the poem; but our abbate knew all the poet's works, and one of the other professors present that evening had made such faithful study of them as to have produced some translations rendering the original with remarkable fidelity and spirit.

These Italians did not grant any of these traditions. They were scientists, not devotees at a new shrine." "However, I am ready to grant that some of the good old rules were justified.

Caesar noted that the San Martino ladies and some friends of theirs had a predilection for types like Carminatti, swarthy, prattling, and boastful South Italians. The ladies showed an affectionate familiarity with the girls; they caressed them and kissed them effusively. Laura, who was dancing with an officer, approached her brother, who was wedged into a corner, behind two rows of chairs.

It may be a consolation to our men on the Somme and in Flanders that the war is being waged here in equally dangerous conditions as theirs. "The Italians have driven back the Austrians foot by foot up the almost vertical Dolomite rock with mountain, field, and heavy guns, and especially in hand-to-hand and bomb fighting.

Why must Italians nowadays always rush north, to the lakes, or Switzerland or the Tyrol?

No account of the extraordinary drama farce would be a better name were its possibilities not so tragic which is being staged at Fiume would be complete without some mention of the romantic figure who is playing the part of hero or villain, according to whether your sympathies are with the Italians or the Jugoslavs.

The indolence of the Italians prevents them from displaying in company, or often in any way whatever, all the wit they possess. The greater part of them do not even cultivate in retirement, the intellectual faculties that nature has given them; but they enjoy with transport, that which comes to them without trouble.