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His companion, on the other hand, greeted the stranger so effusively that he found it possible during the moments of merry chatter to regain a fair proportion of his lost composure. The Baroness St. Auge was an English woman, famed as a whip, a golfer and an entertainer.

"Then then you've you've " stammered James Brandon. "Succeeded? of course I have," said Sam coolly, as he lay back in a chair, heavy-eyed, nervous, and utterly exhausted by his night's work. "If I wasn't so tired I should have something more to say." "My dear boy!" cried James Brandon effusively; and his son uttered a low, unpleasant laugh. "Sam, you have the the papers?" "Yes."

It was considerably after dark when Norvin Blake alighted at San Sebastiano, to be greeted effusively by a young man of about his own age who came charging through the gloom and embraced him with a great hug. "So! At last you come!" Savigno cried. "I have been here these three hours eating my heart out, and every time I inquired of that head of a cabbage in yonder he said, 'Pazienza!

To be sure, she had not very much to do in this scene, but at the end everybody thanked her effusively and Ruth Howard declared that she never saw anybody who "caught on" so fast. "You ought to take the part to-morrow night," she said. "Oh, oh!" Roberta cautioned her, in alarm and embarrassment. "They're going to have Polly Eastman. I heard Nita say so. Besides, I wouldn't for anything."

As I had not seen or heard of him since the end of July I had concluded that he was wandering as usual over the globe. He greeted me effusively, holding out both hands in his foreign fashion. "My dear old Ordeyne! who would have thought of meeting you here? What wind blows you to Paddington?" "I expect Carlotta by the Plymouth Express." "The fair Carlotta? And how is she?

It should be a warning to critics who translate dramatic poems into imaginary biography to find that Browning, who had known so perfect a success in the one love of his life, should constantly present in work of imagination the ill fortunes of love and lovers. Looking a little below the surface we see that he could not write directly, he could not speak effusively, of the joy that he had known.

Half stunned he tried to struggle to his feet, but Ootah leaped upon him, and, as was ethical in the native method of fighting, trampled him into insensibility. The man lay unconscious, his face bleeding effusively. Without a word Ootah continued loading his share of the game onto his sleds. Attracted by the attack, the other members of the trading party descended and surrounded the fallen man.

However, I examined them with every appearance of pleasure, thanked Jock effusively and even gave him a sixpence, and at last bade him good-day and started for home. It had been a queer little episode, and had I been in my usual clue-hunting humour I should no doubt have dissected it carefully and then abused myself for being a fanciful fool.

"Thank you so much," he said effusively. "To be perfectly frank, I've been tempted to invite myself. I have some valuables with me that I don't feel at all easy about. If I should be robbed, it would be a very serious matter. Would it be asking too much of you to ask you to put a package in your jewel safe?" "I'll be glad to do it for you," replied Pauline.

Then came smoke, the smell of scorching linen, and a cry of horror from Celine. "Ah, la seule chemise blanche de Monsieur le Baron!" The spell was broken. Philippe was on his feet, bowing effusively. "Ah! it is Madame Bines. Je suis tres honore I am very honoured to welcome you, madame. It is madame, ma femme, Celine, and Monsieur le Baron de Palliac "

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