He was presently in the midst of the party, making his compliments compliments paid to Margaret in a manner scarcely different in the eyes of others from those which were shared by all: but to her, a world of wonder and of horror was revealed by the glance of the eye and the quiver of the lip, too slight to be detected by any eye less intently fixed than hers.

"Ha! the Red Rover in my ship, nay, in my very presence!" exclaimed the old tar, in a species of honest horror. "You are now pleased, sir, to trifle with my good nature." "I should forget a thousand obligations, ere I could be so bold. On my solemn asseveration, sir, it was no other." "This is unaccountable! extraordinary to a miracle!

This place seemed now to be her future prison-house, where her imprisonment would grow from bad to worse, and where she herself, under the terrible struggle of feeling to which she would be subject, might finally sink into a state of madness. Such a prospect was terrible beyond words. It filled her with horror, and she regarded her future with the most gloomy forebodings.

Clutching fast hold of him by the collar of his coat, he dragged him to the carriage-window, and held him before the astonished eyes of his indignant mistress, who lifted up her hands in horror at the picture he presented. "Oh! you wretched boy," said she, "just look at your clothes, all covered with chalk-marks and bespattered with lime!

He was not afraid of adventure and peril; but the thought of prison and disgrace to say nothing of a felon's death seemed to paralyze the beating of his heart with a numb sense of horror. Truly, if this sort of danger dogged his steps, the sooner he was out of the country the better for himself! But he would see Rosamund once more, and spend one happy day in her company.

But an enchanter more ancient and more powerful than Oberon himself interested himself for the brave Huon. The enchanter was Love. The Princess Clarimunda learned with horror the fate to which the young prince was destined. By the aid of her governante she gained over the keeper of the prison, and went herself to lighten the chains of her beloved.

What horror can their mock-tragedies excite in those who have contemplated the Place de la Revolution? or who can smile at a farce in ridicule of monarchy, that beholds the Convention, and knows the characters of the men who compose it?

He saw, with horror, marks upon her body that might well betoken violence. A panic seized him, and he took refuge in his room. There he reflected at length over the discovery that he had made; considered soberly the bearing of Mr.

And how full of dread and horror must be that first awful conviction which assures him that the struggle is in vain that the last remedy is tried that nothing is left him now but despair despair and death! Then it is that Christianity comes to his relief. If he believes, he gains by his loss.

The clasps, too, appeared to have all they could do to keep its mouth shut, while the hinges bulged in an ominous way. I started one clasp, the other gave way with a burst, and the next instant, to my horror, the major's wardrobe littered the deck.