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The order, including storks, ibises, herons, spoonbills, and flamingoes, counts about eighteen species; and the most noteworthy birds in it are two great ibises nearly as large as turkeys, with mighty resonant voices.

"Some persons, I know, estimate happiness by fine houses, gardens, and parks; others by pictures, horses, money, and various things wholly remote from their own species; but when I wish to ascertain the real felicity of any rational man, I always inquire whom he has to love.

Then again mercilessly she shook her by the shoulder. "Come, Dinah! I'm not going to be defied. Are you going to write that letter at once? Or must I take stronger measures?" And then a species of wild courage entered into Dinah. She turned at last at bay. "I will not write it! I would sooner die! If if this thing is true, it would be far easier to die!

In this he must be allowed to have made a very important contribution to an interesting department of science, even if his theory fails in the endeavor to explain the origin or diversity of species.

The variety of combinations and habits presented by the crystals is very extensive, nearly two hundred distinct forms being figured by V. von Lang in his monograph of the species; without measurement of the angles the crystals are frequently difficult to decipher. The hardness is 3 and the specific gravity 6.3.

They must propagate their respective species; an absolute necessity which proves the wisdom of the Creator, since without reproduction all would, be annihilated by the constant law of degradation, decay and death. And, whatever St.

In what is here said about discriminating species it must be understood that I am not speaking of such identification as will answer a strictly scientific purpose. For that the bird must be shot. To the maiden "whose light blue eyes Are tender over drowning flies," this decree will no doubt sound cruel.

The mortality increasing toward the end of the month, and all of them losing both flesh and vigor, I was persuaded to try them with water, a thing I had thus far declined to do, never having heard of a spider's drinking water, and knowing that our common house species can hardly get it at all.

There is, however, this difference between the two cases, that the successive impressions are identical, as well as the simultaneous copies of the same impression, whereas representatives of one and the same species are never entirely the same, either in different points of space or at different moments of time.

So far, supposed differences between "authentic" and "literary" epic have resolved themselves into little more than signs of development in epic intention; the change has not been found to produce enough artistic difference between early and later epic to warrant anything like a division into two distinct species.

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