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All kinds of impressions, you see, had been accumulating, and they thronged like phantoms about me. "I wanted to hear myself speak to see if I could. So I turned, and waited for him to come. The rain was dripping all around; there wasn't another sound anywhere. Now, this is the queerest thing of all: what do you think I said to him?" Jack leaned forward, his eyes darting intensely over her face.

The following are also available: L.F. Abbott, Impressions of Theodore Roosevelt ; F.E. Leupp, The Man Roosevelt ; W.R. Thayer, Theodore Roosevelt ; C.G. Washburn, Theodore Roosevelt; the Logic of His Career . Roosevelt can be partly understood through a critical reading of his writings, especially his Addresses and Presidential Messages , and his Autobiography .

To many of them it was indeed rather a canvas than a spectacle even just as to many, if not to most, of the realists it is its structure rather than its significance that altogether appeals; the romanticists in general sketched their ideas and impressions upon it, as the naturalists have in the main studied its aspects and constitution, careless of the import of these, pictorially or otherwise.

Impressions of early youth are indelible, and this was the first time, since his return from America, that Gabriel found himself in presence of Father d'Aigrigny; and although he did not shrink from the resolution he had taken, he regretted not to have been able, as he had hoped, to gather new strength and courage from an interview with Agricola and Dagobert.

Most descriptive poets seem to think that a hogshead of water caught at the spout will give us a livelier notion of a thunder-shower than the sullen muttering of the first big drops upon the roof. They forget that it is by suggestion, not cumulation, that profound impressions are made upon the imagination. "Sky lowered, and, muttering thunder, some sad drops Wept at completion of the mortal sin."

There is, therefore, no criterion of truth as between man and man; we may employ the same words, but each has his own impressions and his own individual experiences.

The body of Washington had long lain moldering in the tomb; but as time was fast obliterating the slight impressions of political enmity or personal envy, his name was hourly receiving new luster, and his worth and integrity each moment became more visible, not only to his countrymen, but to the world.

Some spirits exhaust themselves at first: others gain strength by progression. Some minds have a greater facility of throwing off impressions are, as it were, more transparent or porous than others. Thus the French present a marked contrast to the English in this respect.

"Absolutely nothing," said Vezin; "but you know it was all so fantastical and charming that my imagination was profoundly impressed. Perhaps, too," he continued, gently explanatory, "it was this stirring of my imagination that caused other impressions; for, as I walked back, the spell of the place began to steal over me in a dozen ways, though all intelligible ways.

"The Light of Asia," by Sir Edwin Arnold, has done more than any other work to interest Western nations in the legends of Gautama; perhaps no other Oriental character has been more successfully popularized. Of the many efforts to correct the misleading impressions given by this fanciful but really poetic story, "The Light of Asia and the Light of the World," by Dr.