In fact, many a young man and young woman have found the very characteristics which appeared most charming in a lover or sweetheart the ugly rock upon which marital happiness was wrecked. For example, many girls admire rather fast young men. But few wives find happiness with drunken, gambling, unfaithful husbands.

No scenes, no noise; nothing painful by-the-by, the little creature that writes in the papers, and calls calamities PAINFUL, is of Lusignan's breed. Out to-day! of course he was out, ma'am: he knew from me his daughter would be in peril all day, so he visited a friend. He knew his own tenderness, and evaded paternal sensibilities: a self-defender. I count on no help from that charming man."

And he was as clever as charming; cultured as the world knows culture; literary as the term goes; nor was there any one who made a happier speech than he, whether in the forum or around the festal board.

Estelle, who will not dare to sing before those celebrated ones, but who will applaud, applaud in herself a prodigious claque! And now, behold! Miss Burgoyne arrives Miss Burgoyne in grand state and nevertheless you are her dear Nina, her charming friend, although in her heart she hates you for having carried off the handsome Lionel " "Estelle," said Nina, gently, "you let your tongue run away.

The color leaped into the boy's face, his eyes flashed with triumph. "Madame, how did you guess?" "It is no guessing, monsieur. You tell me with every word." "Ah, madame, I thank you!" With a charming, swift grace he bent and caught her hand. "And, madame" he hesitated naïvely and colored again.

This thoroughbred prosecutor is held to be one of the most amiable men on the circuit; and he is no less liked in Paris and in the Chamber; at court he is a charming courtier.

I remember we had to cross the river; our coach was placed on the barge, and we were rowed along by stout peasants. Through the glass windows of the coach we looked out at a series of changing pictures the views were charming. We sat, of course, entirely at our ease, on our soft cushions. The country people, crowded together below, were ugh! like pigs in straw."

"That's all very charming, and I've proposed it more than once, but Lucia spoils all my plans. She is afraid you'll follow Ned's example, and that is so silly." "Lucia is a no, I won't say fool, because she has sense enough when she chooses; but I wish you'd just settle things with Mamma, and then Lucia can do nothing but submit," said Gerald angrily.

A poet, if he would please in ordinary life, must put on the fictitious graces of those who are able to make their insignificances forgotten by charming manners and complying speeches.

I will leave directions that it is to be sent to you in the Rue d'Artois. Mme. de Nucingen looked very charming this evening. Eugene, you must love her. Perhaps we may never see each other again, my friend; but be sure of this, that I shall pray for you who have been kind to me. Now, let us go downstairs. People shall not think that I am weeping.