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I know a man who has a big boat and he say now we can have it for nothing to take our wives and children and make excursions every day. On the boat we will have a good time. I am a musician I play the violin on a boat till I strike so now I will get you the music. And we shall run that boat ourselves!

"Imagine Evelyn," she said, "unable to eat, unable to sleep! Imagine her sitting at the window in her nightgown and looking pensively at the moon!" "Funny," I said, "but that's just what I was imagining. All girls do it and some wives. It's as much a part of a girl as long hair, and the fear of spiders. If a girl didn't get her moon bath now and then, she'd just shrivel up and die."

Paul: "But I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is the man, and the head of Christ is God. Wives, submit yourselves unto your husbands as unto the Lord." That was inspiration. This was written by a poor, despised heathen: "In whatever house the husband is contented with the wife and the wife with the husband, in that house will fortune dwell.

"Living English!" he breathed in an awed voice. "These lips speak it as a living language! Oh, tell me, friends, are there now men of your race once our race still living, up yonder? Is there such a place is there a sky, a sun, moon, stars verily such things now? Or is this all, as my people say, deriding me, only the babbling of old wives' tales?"

Of eastern manners, in general, it has been remarked, that "excepting the Chinese and Javanese, all the nations of the south of Asia, and all the inhabitants of the East Indian and South Sea islands, offer the Europeans their wives and daughters, or compel them to prostitute themselves to strangers."

"And then there's Sultan Saladin, That Turkish Soldan full of sin; He has a hundred wives at least, By which his pleasure is increased: I've often wished, I hope no sin, That I were Sultan Saladin.

They don't want to give their wives and children, and their own selves, body and soul, for a dream. Therefore, I come back to the sane common sense of the whole affair. By this time next year, if you use your power to bring destruction upon this country, your name will be loathed and detested amongst the very people for whose sake you do it." Maraton turned away.

Every affection of love belongs to the will; for what a man loves that he also wills. Conjugial delights with wives arise solely from their desire to be one with their husbands, as good is one with truth in the spiritual marriage.

Our Exploring Expedition saw the Feejee Islanders getting their dinner off human bones; and they are said to eat their own wives and children. To set up their housekeeping, nothing is requisite but two or three earthen pots, a stone to grind meal, and a mat which is the bed. The house, namely, a tomb, is ready without rent or taxes.

Had the cabin been full, there would have been some excuse; but it was occupied only by two sailors' wives. The same individual sent for a relative in a distant town on account of illness in his family. After staying several weeks, it became necessary for her to return; and he procured a seat for her in the stage.