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My daughter resembles me too much, she is too much what I was once when you began to love me, that you should not begin to love her, too." "Then," he exclaimed, "you dare to throw in my face such a thing as that on this simple supposition and ridiculous reasoning: 'He loves me; my daughter resembles me; therefore he will love her'!"

You see, notwithstanding her past, she is naturally of a most moral character. And her feelings are so refined. She loves you very much so and is happy to be able to do you the negative good of not binding you to herself. Marriage with you would be a dreadful fall to her, worse than all her past. For this reason she would never consent to it. At the same time, your presence perplexes her."

'Dearest Julia, you are what I love best in the world. The words thrilled her a little, but all the while she saw Emily's eyes and heard her voice. Hubert, however, was full of happiness the sweet happiness of the quiet, docile creature that has at last obtained what it loves. Emily awoke shivering; the fire had gone out, the room was in darkness, and the house seemed strange and lonely.

Unlike the late Duke d'Orleans, he has no princely coquettishness, which is such a victorious grace, and has no desire to appear agreeable. He rarely seeks to please individuals. He loves the nation, the country, his profession, the sea.

Suppose, now, that you are living in the country with a wife who loves you in this self-sacrificing manner. She may be patently ill, yet she will say not a word to you about it, for fear of distressing you. She may be patently ennuyee, yet for your sake she will be prepared to be so for the rest of her life.

"Mrs. Leslie and the children will always be glad to see you," said he. "Remember me very kindly to Mrs. Leslie and the children," said Maurice. And so they parted. "You have brought me down here on a regular fool's errand," said Mr. Leslie, on their journey back to town. "It will all come right yet," replied Miss Jack. "Take my word for it he loves her." "Fudge," said Mr. Leslie.

Then ten years ago, I joined Zorrillo; he is my friend, he shares my feelings, I am necessary to his existence. Do not laugh, Ulrich; I well know that youth lies behind me, that I am old, yet Pasquale loves me; since I have had him, I have been more content and, Holy Virgin! now I love him in return. Oh, Heaven! Oh, Heaven! Why is it so?

But with the fortunate also, even those whom the inspector loves, it may not be altogether well. It is concluded that in such a state of society, supposing it to be financially sound, the level of comfort will be high.

As he half vaguely realized something of the true position of Cuckoo and of himself, Julian felt stirred by the wonder of life, in which such strange blossoms flower out of the very dust. He looked at Cuckoo with new eyes. She looked back at him with the old ones of a girl who loves. As he looked she stopped crying. Perhaps the sudden understanding in his gaze thrilled her.

I have only seen her a few times. She lives a different life and with other people. She will marry a man who can give her more." "Do you think I could be deceived?" exclaimed Euphrasia, almost fiercely. "It's as true as the sun shining on that mountain. You believe she loves the Englishman, but I tell you she loves you you." He turned towards her.