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Giving and taking of orders modifies action and results, but does not of itself effect a sharing of purposes, a communication of interests. To be a recipient of a communication is to have an enlarged and changed experience. One shares in what another has thought and felt and in so far, meagerly or amply, has his own attitude modified. Nor is the one who communicates left unaffected.

"You'll get used to it in time," he said. "Say there is Mr. Reynolds. I must speak to him." Mr. Reynolds stood near a placard on which, in prominent letters, was inscribed "Erie." Harry handed him a paper, which he took, glanced at quickly, and then resumed his bidding. "He has just bought one thousand Erie," said Harry, aside, to Grant. "One thousand?" "Yes, a thousand shares, at fifty-five."

We have ordered that the shares shall, within thirty days, drop to seventy-five hundred livres, in another thirty days to seven thousand livres, and so on, at five hundred livres a month, until at last they shall have a value of one-half what they were to-day. Then, tell me, my wise Monsieur L'as, would not the issue of our notes and the total of our specie be equal, one with the other?

Hand, to play safe, had hypothecated nearly all his shares with various banks in order to release his money for other purposes, and he knew he would not dare to throw over all his holdings, just as he knew he would have to make good at the figure at which they had been margined. But it was a fine threat to make. Mr. Stackpole stared ox-like at Mr. Hand.

But, under the regime of property, there is great inequality between the shares of the stockholders; therefore, one may have several hundred votes, while another has only one.

He did not desire to possess great wealth, which in his opinion entailed such serious responsibilities upon its possessor; and he held that the accumulation of large property was more to be deprecated than desired. He therefore determined to give up his shares in the ironworks at Ketley to his sons William and Joseph, who continued to carry them on.

And you are not giving his son a chance. The sooner the boy's packed off to school the better. I shall tell him so." And his mother had answered with her dignified unruffled sweetness that made her so beautifully different from ordinary people, who got red and excited and made foolish faces: "He will not agree. He shares my believing that children are in love with life. It is their first love.

You do not surely suppose that we are going to issue new shares and bring down the market, simply because you have realised at a handsome premium?" "A handsome premium! O Lord!" moaned Sawley. "Why, what did you get for them?" "Four, three, and two and a half." "A very considerable profit indeed," said I; "and you ought to be abundantly thankful. We shall talk this matter over at another time, Mr.

Poole, dated March 1800, he informs his friend that if he "had the least love of money" he could "make sure of L2000 a year, for that Stuart had offered him half shares in his two papers, the Morning Post and the Courier, if he would devote himself to them in conjunction with their proprietor.

There I put the profits of six years on the West Coast into shares in a ship called the Anaconda, and shipped on her myself as second mate. I found Stevey Todd cooking in a restaurant in San Francisco. He'd gone into gold mines, after getting loose from the Jane Allen. He'd left his profits from the Hotel Helen Mar in the gold mines.