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I count the days till I have the pleasure of seeing you; I shall soon count the hours, and at last the minutes, with increasing impatience. P. S. The mohairs are this day gone from hence for Calais, recommended to the care of Madame Morel, and directed, as desired, to the Comptroller-general. The three pieces come to six hundred and eighty French livres. GREENWICH, June 20, O. S. 1751

She sprang to the attack. "Diable! am I linked to a skinflint?" "A skinflint, forsooth, at a thousand livres!" "Yes," she cried in a fresh flood of tears. "A wretch, a miser. You are unworthy, sir, to be linked to a family from whom Germain takes his gentlemanly qualities. Had he nothing but you in him, he would be a grovelling clod-hopper to-day instead of a favourite of kings."

The corporation of the town of Noyon, as a small token of their approbation, presented the generous girl with six hundred livres, and conferred on her the civic crown, with a medal engraved with the arms of the town, her name, and a narrative of the action. The Duke of Orleans also sent her five hundred livres, and settled two hundred yearly on her for life.

He persuaded the regent that by a liberal issue of paper money he might wipe out the accumulated national deficit of 100,000,000 livres, revive trade and industry, and inaugurate a financial millennium.

As for the Prince de Conde, he appears to have been less acute, no doubt because his vision was dazzled by the prospect of a hundred thousand livres a year. So desperately poor was he that for half that sum he would have taken Lucifer's own daughter to wife, without stopping to consider the disadvantages it might entail. The marriage was quietly celebrated at Chantilly in February of 1609.

Raphael became excited and elated and like one completely deprived of reason. "The devil take death!" he shouted, brandishing the skin; "I mean to live! I am rich, I have every virtue; nothing will withstand me. Who would not be generous, when everything is in his power? Aha! Aha! I wished for two hundred thousand livres a year, and I shall have them.

The first 600,00,000 livres had not done much harm, because they had been kept locked up in the bank; but after the 22nd of May, another issue of 600,000,000 had taken place, and been circulated among the public, without the knowledge of the Regent, without the authorisation of any decree.

"Yes; and more than that, I have lost the source from which they came, these forty thousand livres. I see that you are mystified. Perhaps you will learn in the morning how I came to lose this fortune. Will you accept my sword?" "Monsieur," answered Du Puys, "you are in wine. Come to me in the morning; you will have changed your mind." "And if not?" "Then I shall give you a place in the company.

On the eve, my mother had sent forty thousand livres' worth of precious stones to Mademoiselle de Lorges, and I six hundred Louis in a corbeille filled with all the knick-knacks that are given on these occasions. We slept in the grand apartment of the Hotel des Lorges.

"Thirty-nine millions two hundred and sixty thousand livres, monseigneur." "Ah!" cried the cardinal, in a tone of vexation; "there are not yet forty millions!" Bernouin recommenced the addition. "No, monseigneur; there want seven hundred and forty thousand livres." Mazarin asked for the account, and revised it carefully.