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Meanwhile the Due d'Enghien was at Ettenheim, indulging in hope rather than plotting conspiracies. It is well known that an individual made an offer to the Prince de Conde to assassinate the First Consul, but the Prince indignantly rejected the proposition, and nobly refused to recover the rights of the Bourbons at the price of such a crime.

After quitting the neighbourhood of Gien, Condé, urged by the desire of directing in person the negotiations and intrigues which were going on in Paris, left his army under the command of the celebrated Tavannes, and hastened to the capital.

The Cabinet des Gemmes comes second, and here is the celebrated "Diamant Rose," called the Grand Condé. Finally there is the Galerie de Psyche, with forty-four coloured glass windows, executed for the Connetable de Montmorency in 1541-1542.

The Constable, whose conduct throughout the affair was odious and pitiable, promised to do his best to induce the Prince, instead of playing the devil, to listen to reason, as he and the Duchess of Angouleme understood reason. Henry had even the ineffable folly to appeal to the Queen to use her influence with the refractory Conde.

I shall save the king," cried the surgeon, with the sacred enthusiasm of a conviction bestowed by genius, "and God will save France!" A knock was heard on the street door and presently one of Pare's servants gave a paper to Lecamus, who read aloud these terrifying words: "A scaffold is being erected at the convent of the Recollets: the Prince de Conde will be beheaded there to-morrow."

"I wish you to go to the Prince of Condé at Noyers, to tell him your story, and to answer any questions he may put to you. I am setting out myself in an hour or two, but my preparations are not complete. Monsieur Bellièvre will accompany you as guide; he has received my instructions." The Admiral could not have chosen for me a more suitable comrade than Felix Bellièvre.

It resulted from this invariable line of conduct that, as Conde and Turenne had never been conquerors of each other but under the standard of the king, Raoul, however young, had ten victories inscribed on his list of services, and not one defeat from which his bravery or conscience had to suffer.

And further the Conde on the kings behalfe and his owne, earnestly requested, that before my departure off the coast I would returne againe to his road to conferre with him for the better continuance and confirming of amity betweene them and Englishmen: which I agreed vnto.

"You must stay; you can sleep with my valets." But as Charles was rather too fond of rough practical jokes, the Count still declined, and went away, suspecting no evil, to pay his usual evening visit to the Dowager Princess of Condé. He must have remained some time in her apartments, for it was past twelve o'clock when he went to bid Navarre good-night.

The accusation is yet more absurd than odious. The Duke de Nemours was not the least in the world a party chief; he was a friend of Condé, whose fidelity could only be shaken through his love for Madame de Châtillon. To detach him from Madame de Châtillon was therefore to give him wholly to Condé.

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