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Fleda felt as if some conjurer had been at work there for the last few hours the room looked so like and felt so unlike itself. "Are you going to be ill too, Fleda?" said Marion, suddenly. "You are looking very far from well!" "I shall have a headache to-morrow," said Fleda, quietly, "I generally know the day beforehand." "Does it always make you look so?"

Oh, I’m so sorry for you, Brighteyes!” exclaimed Grandpa. “Have you had Dr. Possum? Where is your mamma?” “Mamma has gone to the doctor’s now to get me something to stop the pain,” answered Brighteyes, “and to-morrow I am going to have the tooth pulled. We tried mustard and cloves and all things like that but nothing would stop the pain.”

"It's finished. There's nothing left to do but remove ourselves." "Elias, did Mr. Clegg know about father's conviction when he offered me the place in New York?" asked Graydon as they started away. "Yes, that's the beauty of it. He admires you. You'll take the place?" "Not until I've talked it all over with him to-morrow."

"Her earthly name is Susan Sharpe, and she rejoices in red hair and green glasses, and the blood and brawn and muscle of a gladiator a treasure who doesn't object to a howling wilderness or a raving-mad patient. I clinched her at once." "And she goes with you when?" "To-morrow morning. If Mollie's still obdurate, I must leave her in this woman's charge, and return to town.

Everybody who has spoken to me about it, seems to think that they will dissolve if there be a respectable majority against them." "Of course he will dissolve," said Phineas, speaking of Mr. Gresham; "what else can he do?" "He is very anxious to carry his Irish Reform Bill first, if he can do so. Good-night, Phineas. I shall not be down to-morrow as there is nothing to be done.

Barnett, who had asked me who this man Lincoln was. I told him he was a candidate for the Legislature. He laughed and said, 'Can't the party raise better material than that? I said, 'Go to-morrow and hear him before you pass judgment. When he came back I said, 'Doctor, what have you to say now? 'Why, sir, he said, 'he is a perfect take-in.

He could try again to-morrow to accomplish what had been impossible to-day, but his wish to see the girl he loved, rose to a torturing longing, and as he sat once more in his tent to finish his second despatch to Rome the thought of Klea came again to disturb his serious work.

Legros, I am ready for you; ah, there is then one more chance in life!" "You are not fit to play, Monsieur," said the young man, stepping back; "I will come again to-morrow." "To-morrow!" answered M. Linders, with a sort of laugh, "have you then so many to-morrows that you can talk of them recklessly? Well, then, I will tell you I have not not one; but I have to-night, and that I will not lose.

Don't go don't leave me, so stay one moment. On my honor " "Oh, on your honor!" "On my honor I am what I say! And I will prove it, and you will believe, I know you will. I will bring you a message a cablegram " "When?" "To-morrow next day " "Signed 'Rossmore'?" "Yes signed Rossmore." "What will that prove?" "What will it prove? What should it prove?"

"Well, I hope every thing is for the best," said Lord Agramont. "We are to have all these gentlemen in our good city of Grandchester, to-morrow." "So I understand." "You read that paragraph in the newspapers? Do you think there is any thing in it?" "About our friend? It would be a great misfortune." "The bishop says there is nothing in it," said the lord-lieutenant. "Well, he ought to know.