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Three eggs, not separated, beaten with one cup of sugar, one cup of honey, one cup of blanched almonds chopped finely, one teaspoon each of allspice, cloves, and cinnamon, one cup of chocolate and flour enough to make a thick batter; one teaspoon of baking-soda.

Then take it off the fire, and when it is cold, put it into a little barrel, and put into it half a spoonful of Ale-yest, and let it work; which done, take one Nutmeg sliced, and twice as much Ginger sliced, six Cloves bruised, and a little stick of Cinamon, and sow these Spices in a little bag, and stop it well; and it will be fit for use within a fortnight, and will last half a year.

Take a Pound of Beef Suet, pick'd clean from the Skins and bloody Parts, and chop it pretty small; then take a Pound of Raisins of the Sun, and stone them; then shred them, and mix them together: add to them a large spoonfull of Flour, and six Eggs beaten, a little Lisbon Sugar, some Salt, and some Cloves, and Mace, beaten.

When we had finished our barter, we restored the hostages, and gave the three merchants about the quantity of twelve hundredweight of nutmegs, and as many of cloves, with a handsome present of European linen and stuff for themselves, as a recompense for what we had taken from them; so we sent them away exceedingly well satisfied.

Cinnamon comes from a country called Zolon, Ceylon, 260 leagues beyond Calicut, and from no other place. Cloves come from the district of Meluza, which is twelve Portuguese leagues from Calicut, and is in the country of Cananore. Nutmegs and mastic come from Meluza, which is 740 leagues from Calicut . Castor, which is musk, comes from a certain region called Pegu, 500 leagues from Calicut.

Their principal imports were still pepper, cloves, mace, and nutmegs, of which 615,000 lbs. were consumed in England, and the value of 218,000l. exported: the saving in the home consumption of these articles was estimated at 70,000l. The other imports were indigo, calicoes, China silks, benzoin, aloes, &c. Porcelain was first imported this year from Bantam.

Clear the gravy from the fat, and put into it four ounces of boiled rice, an onion stuck with cloves, and a blade of mace. Boil them till the rice is thick. Wash the rumps with yolks of eggs well beaten, and strew over them crumbs of bread, a little pepper and salt, chopped parsley and thyme, and grated lemon peel, fried in butter, of a fine brown.

During our stay at Amboyna the rain was almost incessant. This prevented our seeing the clove plantations, which were described as being very beautiful, and the cloves of Amboyna are as much prized as the nutmegs of Banda. The only fine day was devoted to an excursion some miles inland to visit a curious natural grotto.

The Queen, with a woman's faith in greatness, sends to him for 'cordials. Here is one of them, famous in Charles the Second's days as 'Sir Walter's Cordial': B. Zedoary and Saffron, each 0.5 lb. Distilled water 3 pints. Macerate, etc., and reduce to 1.5 pint. Compound powder of crabs' claws 16 oz. Cinnamon and Nutmegs 2 oz. Cloves 1 oz. Cardamom seeds 0.5 oz. Double refined sugar 2 lb.

To make it, several plump, tender, full-grown pullets were simmered in water to barely cover them, with a few pepper corns, half a dozen cloves, and a blade of mace, until very, very tender.

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