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Sibyl, at present, would be injured, not improved, by her sudden elevation to the rank of a Speciality. The only thing I would suggest is that you propose her again in a year's time; and if during the course of that year she has proved in any sense of the word what you say, I for one will give her my cordial support. At present I cannot honestly feel justified in voting for her, and I will not."

In a circle where all are well acquainted, some of the pleasantest evening parties are those to the success of which each one contributes his mite, cheerfully singing in the chorus when nature has denied him a solo voice, and not allowing any dark jealousy of superior gifts to deprive the harmony of his one little note. Invitations to these informal parties are cordial and personal in tone.

No one is so cordial as a pilot who has secured a good ship. The two men exchanged news, and gradually slid into desultory talk. Suddenly Hindhaugh said, "Are you game for a bit of work? Do you ever DO anything?" The pilot was virtuously agitated. He drew himself up, and, taking care that the mate should hear, answered, "Me! Not for the wurrrld, Cap'n. I've got a wife and children, sir."

Eh bien, let us, then, behold these naughty visitors, who would sever a husband from his wife!" From within the Red Salon came a murmur of speech, quiet, cordial, colorless, which showed very plainly that madame had visitors. As the Duc de Puysange reached out his hand to draw aside the portieres, her voice was speaking, courteously, but without vital interest.

The committee could not arrange for a special interview but finally saw him by going to the White House at the hour set aside for the reception of the general public and made their request. The President was cordial and said that he was giving the matter careful consideration and hoped soon to take a decided stand which he thought the suffragists would find satisfactory.

These long drawn-out agonies over leaving don't interest me. There's nothing in that. Clinch the job today if you want it. I'll find someone." Eugene resented his indifference, but he only smiled a cordial smile in reply. "I'll stay a little while if you want me to one or two weeks I don't want to tie up your work in any way." "Oh, no, no! You won't tie up my work. On your way, and good luck!"

But the question is not there, nor, I think, for the public, except in cases of ripe, established reputations, as I said before. To Mr. ... With many thanks, cordial and true, I thank you for the pleasure I have enjoyed in connection with these proofs of genius.

"Never," said Cardo; "she has encased herself in armour of cold and haughty reserve, which not even your persuasive and cordial manners will break through." "Time will show; I have a firm conviction, that I shall set things straight for you, so cheer up my friend, and await what the wonderful Gwynne Ellis can do for you. But you look very tired." "Yes, I will go to bed," said Cardo.

And I might be polite and pleasant to these people persons out of my "class" but I must not be too cordial, for if I did, in the eyes of these very people, I lost caste and they would despise me. Yes, I was a foreigner; it was a queer feeling.

The equitable Twemlow felt that this sentiment, irrespective of the utterer, demanded his cordial assent. 'You are very right, sir, he rejoined with spirit. 'You indicate the generous and manly course. 'Glad to have your approbation, returned Fledgeby.