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Eva, with labouring breath, had fairly hung upon the lips of the revered woman, who at last gazed upwards with dilated eyes like a prophetess. When she paused the young girl nodded assent. Her teacher and friend seemed to have crushed her resistance.

'He has called upon me twice, and I have on both occasions unfortunately been absent. Lady Annabel merely bowed an assent to the Bishop's remark. Venetia longed to speak, but found it impossible. 'What is it that represses me? she asked herself. 'Is there to be another forbidden subject insensibly to arise between us?

Whereupon she put the question: 'Will the spirits converse with this gentleman? At all events, thought I, the term 'gentleman' applies to the next world, which is a comfort. She listened for the answer. Presently three distinct raps on the table signified assent. She then took from her reticule a card whereon were printed the alphabet, and numerals up to 10.

This unjust bill, to which, if it passed both houses, Charles dared not refuse assent, threw the court and country into a state of renewed excitement. Knowing it was a blow levelled at the duke, his friends gathered round him, determined to oppose it by might and main; and after great exertions caused a clause to be inserted excepting his royal highness from the test.

"I'd rather be fighting them 'and to 'and like we did in that there churchyard near Le Cateau, wouldn't you, sir?" Dymond smiled sickly assent, and Newman, being an old soldier, knew what was the matter with his captain.

'This is what you are dying for, dear brothers, he cried continually, holding the brown volume up in the air; 'are ye not ready to die for this? And every time he asked the question a low eager murmur of assent rose from the ditches, the waggon, and the road. 'They aim like yokels at a Wappenschaw, said Saxon, seating himself on the side of the waggon.

There was nothing for it, of course, but to assent, or be for ever discredited in the eyes of the king and his followers, and Lethbridge very good-naturedly submitted, the more readily, perhaps, since von Schalckenberg had insisted, as a measure of precaution, upon our each donning a suit of aethereum chain mail under our clothes. You will guess the result.

"Colonel Cromwell will never exchange a spy," he responded, decisively. Rufus, who was listening to the conference, nodded his head in gloomy assent. "That is like enough," he agreed. Brilliana stamped a foot and her eyes snapped vexation. "We shall see," she said, sharply. She turned away from the two men and moved to a small table against the wall that carried writing materials.

But at moments like the present her silent assent and the aura of slight weariness over an ancient subject which emanated from her in the dusk, affronted Adrian as much as positive opposition. "Why don't you try to understand me?" "I do, dearest!" a pathetic attempt at eager agreement. "Well, then, if you do, why is the tone of your voice like that? You know by now what I think.

"I well believe that thou didst scarce know what thou wert saying." "Forgive me!" said Richard, as well as he could speak. "See there," said the priest, pointing to the large Cross over the Altar, "thou knowest the meaning of that sacred sign?" Richard bowed his head in assent and reverence. "It speaks of forgiveness," continued the Abbot. "And knowest thou who gave that pardon?

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