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With men and women of the unmistakably lower orders, Buckland could converse in a genial tone that recommended him to their esteem; on the borderland of refinement, his sympathies were repressed, and he held the distinctive part of his mind in reserve.

It was Reine who first broke the silence. "You have seen Claudet, Monsieur le Cure?" "Yes, yes!" replied the Abbe, sighing deeply. "He spoke to you of our-plans," continued the young girl, in a quavering voice, "and you fixed the day?" "No, my child, we settled nothing. I wanted to see you first, and converse with you about something very important."

The only condition which I can regulate is the dimensions of the home. When the rooms are small, the males abound and the females tend to disappear. With generous quarters, the converse would not take place. I should obtain females and afterwards an equal number of males, confined in small cells which, in case of need, would be bounded by numerous partitions.

It was necessary to have a quorum to pass certain important votes, and one of the members, being a trifle weary of business, had stepped out to converse with a friend in the vestibule. After a while, hearing some one coming, he slipped behind the vestibule door. It was the "Archon," who came for the member to make a quorum.

For even as a Bilboa blade, the more it is rubbed, the brighter and the sharper will it prove, so But what need I waste my stock of similitudes in holding converse with myself?

They could converse without the fear of alarming their enemies, and Paul spoke encouragingly of their prospects. It was his intention to stand to the northward until he reached the wreck, when, failing to get any tidings of their friends, they might make the best of their way to the nearest island to leeward.

In the first event he had bidden an eternal farewell to open-hearted converse, and entire sympathy with the companion of his life. The veil must be thicker than that invented by Turkish jealousy; the wall higher than the unscaleable tower of Vathek, which should conceal from her the workings of his heart, and hide from her view the secret of his actions. This idea was intolerably painful to him.

Only with her father did Clara hold converse; in the evening he always sat alone with her for an hour. She went out perhaps every third day, after dark, stealing silently down the long staircase, and walking rapidly until she had escaped the neighbourhood like John Hewett when formerly he wandered forth in search of her.

Casaubon gravely hoped that Will was passing his time profitably as well as pleasantly in Rome had thought his intention was to remain in South Germany but begged him to come and dine to-morrow, when he could converse more at large: at present he was somewhat weary. Ladislaw understood, and accepting the invitation immediately took his leave.

"Popular enough with girls who see him in society but you ask stenographers how they like him," flushed Miss Chisholm. "I am hardly likely to converse with stenographers on the subject of Mr. Hunt," was the insolent answer. Josie determined to cultivate Miss Chisholm and to give Mrs. Claiborne a wide berth. "Where has the poor lady been put?" Josie asked Miss Oleander,