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All three were open-handed and open-hearted, sympathetic to the unfortunate and eager to assist those who needed money, as many a poor girl and worthy young fellow could testify. In all their charities they were strongly supported by Mr. Merrick, whose enormous income permitted him to indulge in many benevolences.

You have come here on some design of improving your fortune, I dare say; and I should grieve to put you out of heart. I am some years older than you, besides; and may, on a few trivial points, advise you, perhaps. There was not the least curiosity or impertinence in the manner of this offer, which was open-hearted, unaffected, and good-natured.

Every one could see the happiness in her face. She walked in with an open-hearted air, wearing a magnificent dress. She seemed to be at the very pinnacle of her heart's desires, the fete the goal and crown of her diplomacy was an accomplished fact. As they walked to their seats in front of the platform, the Lembkes bowed in all directions and responded to greetings. They were at once surrounded.

On the other hand, the testimony in regard to the generosity of Johnson is equally strong. He was so open-hearted that he could not trust himself to go upon the street with much money in his purse. Neither Lamb nor Johnson believed in the modern methods of attending to charitable giving through the mediation of boards and committees.

There were two things indeed against such satisfaction or pleasure that James had never been open-hearted toward them, never communicative as to his feelings, or even his doings; and which was worse that he had long made them feel in him a certain unexpressed claim to superiority.

Ariosto, in the comparative calm of the sixteenth century, when tyrannies had yielded to the protectorate of Spain, sums up the records of the past in the following memorable passage: 'Happy the kingdoms where an open-hearted and blameless man gives law!

But you never play, and you are not likely to be tempted to it now; so you will oblige me and Lady Delacour if you will go to Luttridge's to-night: she is always charmed to see you, and you will easily discover how the land lies. Mr. Vincent is certainly a very agreeable, open-hearted young man; but, if he game, God forbid that Miss Portman should ever be his wife!"

'That must have made the struggle to confess all the more painful; and a most free, noble, open-hearted confession it was. They tried to recollect all that had passed during that summer, and to guess against whom he had wished to warn her; but so far were they from divining the truth, that they agreed it must either have been Maurice, or some other wild Irishman.

I used to think she was a very open-hearted woman." She joined in his laugh albeit, there was a tender look in her eyes. After a moment, she said, gently: "It is not scheming, Evan; I am only trying to set about the work for which I have been chosen. I'll tell you how it all came to me.

For her own breakfast she'll project a scheme, Nor take her tea without a stratagem. Even from the time when Mrs. Beaumont was a girl of sixteen I remember her manoeuvring to gain a husband, and then manoeuvring to manage him, which she did with triumphant address." "What sort of a man was Colonel Beaumont?" "An excellent man; an open-hearted soldier, of the strictest honour and integrity."

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