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"All the same," he continued, "although I must confess that I have never heard of such a thing happening, it might as probably have occurred in the heart of London itself as out here at sea.

"Yes, my lord; the Spaniards must confess to the truth of the saying just now," he answered. "But we are not altogether clear of them yet." "No, by Jove! the fellows are after us!" exclaimed the captain, pointing to leeward, where the three ships were seen under shortened sail, slowly coming up on a wind. "We must trust to our heels and the shades of night. That trick won't answer twice."

I confess that I have not an idea of what he intends to say to you, John, but I trust you absolutely, as always. You will find him, already, terribly changed. I cannot describe it you will see for yourself. And it has all seemed to happen so suddenly. As I wrote you, he sat up both nights, with Preston he could not be induced to leave the room. And after the first night he was different.

She came to kneel down in front of the baroness. "By all means, daughter; tell me everything, but don't make me cry, I beg of you! Is what you have to tell very sad?" "Not very gay." "Mon Dieu! But no matter; go on." "In the first place, mother, I must confess that I would personally feel no scruple in marrying again " "I should think not! That would be carrying it just a little too far!"

"Confess that that murder was one of the cleverest bits of work accomplished outside Russian diplomacy," he said with a nervous laugh. "I must say that were I the judge, called upon to pronounce sentence of death on the man who conceived that murder, I could not bring myself to do it. I would politely request the gentleman to enter our Foreign Office we have need of such men.

I know you, Majesty, and, though you never wrote it, I believe you have made a home out here. That's the most stunning surprise of all. Come, confess. I know I've always been selfish and not much of a sister; but if you are happy out here I am glad. You were not happy at home. Tell me about yourself and about Alfred. Then I shall give you all the messages and news from the East."

Soon after I began work at Tuskegee I formed a resolution, in the secret of my heart, that I would try to build up a school that would be of so much service to the country that the President of the United States would one day come to see it. This was, I confess, rather a bold resolution, and for a number of years I kept it hidden in my own thoughts, not daring to share it with any one.

He meant, he said, to make a pilgrimage to the tomb of the dead dear one whom he worshipped both in life and in death, and to whom, now that she was under the ground, he might confess his love, he had as much right now to her death-cold heart as anybody else in the world.

"Come, come," interrupted the Doctor, who had been eyeing her profile with a curious half amused expression, all through the reading: "Don't let us get on that subject to-night. A story is a story. You have asked, and you have received. None of you seem to really like any story but your own, and I must confess that among us, we are putting forth a strange baggage."

"I confess I cannot see you in the picture that rose for some perverse reason in my mind; but well, you really are too young to go about so much without your husband " "I am always chaperoned to the large affairs. Mrs. Gwynne takes me to the Fairmont to-night." "I know. But scandal is bred in the marrow of San Francisco.