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I can't everywhere and always be on my guard against every dear soul of them. Yet the moment I relax my attention for one day or even when I don't relax it I am bamboozled and led a dance by that arch Mme. Picardet, or that transparently simple little minx, Mrs. Granton. She's the cleverest girl I ever met in my life, that hussy, whatever we're to call her.

Padrona Angela furnishes no official key to the ceiling-paintings of Casa Rosa; and yesterday, during the afternoon call of four pretty American girls, they asked and obtained our permission to lie upon the marble floor and compete for a prize to be given to the person who should offer the cleverest interpretation of the symbolisms in the frescoes.

Can't Buschman prepare better noodles than your cleverest cook?" "Verily," said the king, smiling, "he never cooked such noodles for me, and I must say they are good, but, now I have had enough, and I am much obliged to you." He wished to return his plate to Fritz Kober, but Fritz shook his head violently.

Our advice is, that you write to papa one of your cleverest letters. We know, darling, what you can do with the pen as well as the sword. Write word that you have written." Wilfrid's reply stated that he considered it unadviseable that he should add his voice to the request, for the present.

The players' countenances lengthen. "Must make sure!" says Grisha, looking with hatred at Sonya. Exercising his rights as a big boy, and the cleverest, Grisha takes upon himself to decide. What he wants, that they do. Sonya's reckoning is slowly and carefully verified, and to the great regret of her fellow players, it appears that she has not cheated. Another game is begun.

"Either," I cried out, in uncontrollable excitement "either that girl is mad or she is the cleverest woman on earth." After a moment I added: "In either event I am going to marry her."

In a paper on the "Rediscovery of the Unique," H.G. Wells emphasized the unique quality of the individual, and how, in spite of the cleverest devices of classification, living things ultimately escaped the classifying net by virtue of their tendency forever to vary. The individual is unique.

"There is hardly any desiring to refresh such a memory as that," said Mr. Knightley, feelingly; and for a moment or two he had done. "But I," he soon added, "who have had no such charm thrown over my senses, must still see, hear, and remember. Emma is spoiled by being the cleverest of her family.

Nebris kept looking from Agathemer to me, her pale gray eyes wide; but Doris kept her snapping brown eyes on Agathemer's face from his first word to his last. "My!" she cried, "you have had adventures! Or you are the biggest liar and the cleverest story-teller I ever met.

However, the next cleverest hero, Palamedes, to prove him, placed his infant son Telemachus full in the way of the plough, and when Ulysses turned it aside from the child, they declared that his madness was only pretended, and he was forced to go with them.

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