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That, I know, would be the only payment he would care to accept, and that will rejoice his heart. Will you promise?" "Oh, that I will!" she exclaimed, clasping her hands passionately together. "I have misunderstood, I have thwarted dear Amos shamefully, but now I can truly say, `His people shall be my people, and his God my God." "Thank you for that. My second request concerns our children.

Two days later Van Ryn who was working at the new sails under the shade of a tree at some distance from the shipyard requested that, if possible, I would spare Billy to assist him; and as the request seemed reasonable I acceded to it without demur.

"And now, good man," he said, turning to the bishop in a broad good-humour, "how is it that without consulting us you have laid our forester under anathema, and made of no account the poor little request we made, and sent not even a message of explanation or excuse?"

Write, then, to the regent, inform him of what is due to you, show him your situation, and if you have a particular desire for anything, say so boldly. I guarantee that he will grant your request." "Monsieur, you are too good, and I shall not fail. I hope, then, that out of the first money which comes into the treasury " "You will be paid. I give you my word."

Then, in pursuance of their covenants with Caesar, they introduced several laws by Trebonius, the tribune, continuing Caesar's commission to another five years' charge of his province; to Crassus there were appointed Syria, and the Parthian war; and to Pompey himself, all Africa, together with both Spains, and four legions of soldiers, two of which he lent to Caesar upon his request, for the wars in Gaul.

I attended General Taylor's funeral as a sort of aide-decamp, at the request of the Adjutant-General of the army, Roger Jones, whose brother, a militia-general, commanded the escort, composed of militia and some regulars. Among the regulars I recall the names of Captains John Sedgwick and W. F. Barry.

"He won't live a year after this," Pollock whispered to his companions. The speaker could have shortened the time immensely and have still been safe in his prophecy. For when at the end of five minutes he sent the woman to request the Judge to return, she stumbled out of the bed-chamber with affrighted eyes. She said the Judge was asleep on his bed and could not be aroused.

To prefer the request in his father's presence might have caused Mr. Galloway more trouble in refusing it. "I can't think what has happened to Arthur this evening!" exclaimed one of them. "His spirits are up to fever heat. Tell us what it is, Arthur?" Arthur laughed. "I hope they will not be lowered to freezing point within the next hour; that's all." When he heard Mr.

Toley and Bulger, whose excellent service in capturing the Good Intent had enforced their request to be allowed to accompany the little army. Shortly before dawn on June twenty-second Clive's men began to cross the river.

The young man had no liking for them, so he said no, and refused their request, but Swanwhite begged for them, and got them what they wanted. When they had put to sea and were on the wide ocean, a great storm arose so that the sailors expected the vessel and all on her to go to the bottom.