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I had told him a yarn about suspecting some of the men had whisky concealed in the ship. He was away less than half an hour, but when he came back it was with a piece of news most alarming. "Mr. Sedgwick," he gasped, "you remember that big, black-faced guy you set me trailing in 'Frisco Captain what's-his-name well, he's on this ship sure as I'm a foot high!" My heart lost a beat.

After awhile Jordan awoke again. This time there was an eager, joyous look in his wan face, and he searched the room around with a most expectant gaze. Sedgwick bent over him, and said softly: "What is it, old friend?" "Why, Jim, old man," said he, "that war most singler. I hearn her voice a-prayin', hearn it jest ez plain 'nd natral ez ever I hearn it afore, prayin' thet I might git well.

Did you ever meet her before?" asked Grace. "No, I have never met her, but I have met some one who has," said Sedgwick. "O, tell me all about it!" said Grace.

We have no cannons at Trinity College, otherwise we would fire a salute on your entry; we will however give you the warmest greeting we can. Meanwhile give my best regards to Mrs. And believe me most truly yours, A. SEDGWICK.

O, Jim, it war music, sho' nuff! and ef eny angels war a-listenin', they'd intercede fur me jest outer courtesy." "She was praying, dear friend," said Sedgwick. "I knew it, and her prayer is going to be answered. Her soul is trying to call to your soul to rouse itself, and you must heed the call." "I'll try," said the sick man.

Still determined to win, the veteran hero ordered a third charge; and the third time the field was ours, but only to be lost again. The brave General Sedgwick, who then led one division of Sumner's corps, whom we were afterward proud to call the commander of the Sixth corps, thrice wounded, was at length obliged to leave the field. Richardson and Crawford were carried wounded to the hospitals.

I happen ter know that a man does a very foolish thing when he bets ag'in a man showin' a trick. That's what ther feller doin' it wants, an' he wins every time, too." Cap Roche nodded his head at what Sedgwick said. "All right," he said. "I reckon I'm satisfied. I am not broke, just because I lost a couple of hundred dollars."

Damn you, fire!" yelled Hubbard in a panic. "The first man that fires hangs for murder!" thundered Sedgwick. "Throw down your arms and you shall not be harmed." "Kin yew say that for sartin, Squire?" asked Laban, hesitatingly. "No, he lies. Our only chance is to fight!" yelled Hubbard, frantically. "Shoot him, I tell you."

For the jurymen had been gathered hastily from among the citizens of West Sedgwick who chanced to be passing; and as it was after eleven o'clock, they were, for the most part, men of leisure, and occupants of the handsome homes in the vicinity.

As Sedgwick read, his eyes became suffused until he could not see the page before him because of his tears. "See," he said to himself; "a man's love is selfish; it is a woman's life and light, and yet my beautiful wife loses sight of herself, and all her words are but an inspiration for me to go on and conquer if I can. Thank God for the treasure that has been given me!