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You'd have to about give it away if you forced a sale, and where on earth you'll find a tenant who'll pay anything worth considering But there's no use of croaking. I wish I could help you, old feller. By jocks! I believe I can. There's an old woman here who's right smart and handy when she can't get her bottle filled.

Old Spicer South stood leaning on his fence, and his rugged countenance stiffened. He started to speak, but Samson rose from the stile, and said, in a composed voice: "Let me talk ter this feller, Unc' Spicer." The old man nodded, and Samson beckoned to the owner of the dogs. "We hain't got nothin' ter say ter them fellers with ye," he announced, briefly.

"What's that you said, young feller?" said a man, edging up. "I wasn't talking to you, my friend," answered Ted coolly. "No, but you was talkin' at me," said the other. "Why, are you a thief and a gambler?" asked Ted, with a lifting of his eyebrows that expressed a great deal that he did not say. "I guess it's the other way around," answered the fellow, snarling.

His tongue curled about his words; he seemed to love them. "Fer a quat-of-a-dollah! Don't turn away, young man you feller in the green necktie, there. We all see the young lady on your arm is a-langrishing fer the golden ring and the package. Faint heart never won fair wummin'. There you are, sir, and you'll never regret it. Go and be happy!

"Well, M'lissy says that the men over to the station all except Langley, of course are mad as all git-out because Parker was let go, and she says somebody told somebody else, and somebody else told somebody else, and somebody else told HER she says it come reel straight that the men are goin' to make it hot for the new feller when he comes.

Hopkins was in trouble; I pushed open the gate and started up the walk. "Hey, young feller, where yer goin'," demanded the guard. "Into the house, of course." "D'ye know if you go in ye got to stay for the next two weeks?" "Perfectly." "Then go on, you darned fool." And I went on. Hopkins met me, hollow-eyed and haggard. "Chum," said he, "you've come to prison, but I'm glad. Help is out of reach.

I've brought him to see if ye can stop the bleedin', but he's fainted, and I can't lift " Dick waited for no more, but, hastening out, raised Macgregor in his arms, and carried him into the inner cave, where Mary was lying sound asleep on her lowly couch. "Come, Mary, lass, make way for this poor feller."

"That's the feller," said the sheriff. "If you saw him that's the gang. That was Black Coventry to the letter. There ought to be two more of 'em and the gang would be complete. You can show us the way, can you?" The sheriff had one of his deputies with him at the hotel. He deputized two active young farmers who were present and the four started on horseback following Chick-chick's motorcycle.

But it ain't proof; not the kind of proof a man pays out reward money on," he added, cunningly. "You say you left Roddy down there with that Funcke feller, hey?" "Yes. It'll make a man of him, if anything will. I threw that in as an extra." "Yes; but what about them two crooks that goldbricked him? What's become of them?"

"Johnson's a great factor hereabout," continued the military-looking man, bending his handsome eyes on the bay captain, as if there was a business secret between them, and peering at once mischievously and nobly; "he makes the quotient to suit. He leaves the suttle large and never stints the cloff." "He don't narry a feller down to the cloth he's got, sir?" assented Jimmy, dubiously.