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He inculcates for the most part in his political sermons a spirit, not of suspicion and hatred, but of mutual forbearance and confidence; and his programme of reform attaches more importance to a revision of the rules of the game than to the treatment of the winners under the old rules as one would treat a dishonest gambler. In truth, Mr.

A hint from headquarters, and the den would close up till after the excitement was over. All the newspapers understood that the police lied; but the editors were either afraid or indifferent; and the farce was played over yearly for the benefit of the ministerial association. The place was run honestly enough. When the stakes are small, the professional gambler does not have to be dishonest.

But even with a lion there is risk." "Of course there will be risk. There is risk with every man, unless you will be contented with the prig you described. Of course there would be risk with my brother. He has been a gambler." "They say he is one still." "He has given it up in part, and would entirely at your instance." "And they say other things of him, Laura." "It is true.

John Oakhurst, gambler, stepped into the main street of Poker Flat on the morning of the twenty-third of November, 1850, he was conscious of a change in its moral atmosphere since the preceding night. Two or three men, conversing earnestly together, ceased as he approached, and exchanged significant glances.

'When you come near the goal, rub yourself with the gum, and throw the rabbit skin between you. He cannot pass you. "'And who are you, grandfather? Chotanka inquired. "'I am the medicine turtle, the old man replied. 'The gambler is a spirit from heaven, and those whom he outruns must shortly die.

He was a tinhorn gambler of Los Portales and for reasons of his own foregathered with the Snaith-McRobert faction. "Look here, young fellow. You may or may not be in this thing deep. I'm willin' to give you the benefit of the doubt if my friends are. I'd hate to see you bumped off when you didn't do any of the killin'. All we want is justice. This is a square town.

"Yes; and if the hare hadn't stopped to take a nap the tortoise would not have won the race," Matt replied. "So far as I can see, all business is a gamble and every investment is a bet; hence, a good business man is a good gambler." Cappy Ricks sighed. "There is a special providence," he said, "that looks after fools, drunken men and sailors."

"Poggin, you're a gambler, you are the ace-high, straight-flush hand of the Big Bend," he said, with stinging scorn. "I'll bet you my roll to a greaser peso that I can deal you a hand you'll be afraid to play." "Phil, you're talkin' wild," growled Poggin, with both advice and menace in his tone. "If there's anythin' you hate it's a man who pretends to be somebody else when he's not. Thet so?"

The man said he would guarantee to break the bank if dad would put his money against the Dakota man's experience as a gambler, and they would divide the proceeds equally. Dad bit like a bass.

And well acquainted with all the cardinals, he passed the Sacred College in mental review with the persistency of a gambler in a lottery, hesitating between the half dozen who aspired to the tiara. He lived like a parasite among the high functionaries of the Church, but he was indifferent to religion, as if this association with them had taken away all his belief.