Technique and the laws of harmony are a matter of imagination and of superstitious belief." On the other hand, mental healers, Christian Scientists and faith healers concentrate all their efforts upon either the mental or the soul plane, frequently making no distinction between the two.

A rather elderly man and woman on the sidewalk, both of them extremely well dressed, and seemingly on the eve of hailing the omnibus, suddenly transferred their attention to a younger couple a few steps from them, who appeared to have met them entirely by accident. The elderly lady threw out her arms toward the younger man with an expression on her face of intensest mental suffering.

In fatigue, in illness, in certain of the mental diseases, the failure of the organizing energy brings about failure "to concentrate" and the tyranny of casual associations annoys and angers.

He sat thoughtfully a minute, his throbbing head making mental action difficult. "I see no hope of tracing the man but one. Have you that bullet, mademoiselle?" She took it out of the hand bag, shivering a little as she handed it to him. "It is common a thirty caliber, such as most hunters use. Yet it is all the clew you possess.

The expedient adopted consists in avoiding the meeting of the physical and the mental; instead of placing them end to end and welding one to the other, they are placed in parallel fashion side by side. To explain their correlation, which so many observations vaguely demonstrate, the following hypothesis is advanced.

The Virginia colonist had more knowledge of the world and less knowledge of himself, introspection, or any desire for it, being no part of his mental constitution or habit.

He wanted to give himself time to become accustomed to the great joy which was dawning on his life. "You know where the other shoe is, Jemima?" "Yes, in the safe." "Yes; and you know that, while I have been up here, Miss Owen has kept the key of the safe?" "Yes." Miss Jemima had undergone much mental chafing by reason of that knowledge.

I mean talk about the things which belong to your future life, but which are just the sides of it that you want your education to help you to keep in proper proportion. There are interests, such as hunting and dancing, which are all right in their own time and place, but which make a silly, empty mind when they are your chief mental food.

To these attainments she added a certain modicum of skill upon the spinet, and the power of singing old songs with the richest and sweetest voice that ever made one's eyes moisten or one's heart beat. Her moral qualities were more fully developed than her mental.

When, after the concentrated agony of those first moments of tension, I looked up into Winifred's face, as though awakening from a dream, my flesh had 'appeared, she told me, 'grey and wizened, like the flesh of an old man. The mental and physical effects of this were now gathering around me and upon me.