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True, that a few cowardly hounds had deserted his standard almost as soon as it had been unfurled on the enemy's shore; but then these were of that miserable breed that always attach themselves to expeditions of this sort without measuring their motives or the strength of their principles. Lieutenant RUDOLPH FITZPATRICK, Aid-de-Camp to O'NEILL. Colonel OWEN STARR, commanding Kentucky troops.

That very night or so it seemed to him, and so he believed the Angel of the Lord stood before him as he was wont to stand before the men of old, and spoke a summons in his ear. How or in what seeming that summons came Thomas Owen never told, and we need not inquire. At the least he heard it, and, like the Apostles, he arose and girded his loins to obey.

You might just sort these papers out a bit, will you? We seem to have let things get into rather a muddle." "I'll do it at once. There would be plenty of room for everything if some of these papers wore tidied up." "Yes, I suppose you're right." Owen, who loved order, but was too impatient to preserve it, spoke dubiously.

Why, Peggy Owen! surely thee hasn't been coolly picking flowers?" "I had to do something, Sally, to while away the time until they come back," apologized Peggy meekly. "Waiting is trying when so much depends upon the issue." "Whatever is thee talking about?" demanded Sally bewildered. "Sit down here under this tree, Peggy, and tell me all about everything. Whom does thee mean by they?"

Finally the news came that he had tendered his resignation and been granted a leave of absence for sixty days. On July 17 he took his departure, but I continued in command till September 1, when Captain Philip A. Owen, of the Ninth Infantry, arrived and, taking charge, gave me my release.

When I looked again my company was come. At the table, busied with a parchment that might have been a ducal title deed for size, stood Gilbert Stair and the factor-lawyer, Owen Pengarvin. A little back of them the good old Father Matthieu had Margery on his arm. And in the corner Tybee stood to keep the door.

'She will not come back if once she goes, repeated Netta; 'none of them do, except you, Rowland. Owen never did mother never did Howel oh! he will! he will! 'They will both return, dear Netta, only let Minette go. 'No, uncle, I won't leave mamma, never never! Gladys went away alone.

"It means," said Harry, savagely, "that though the mills of the gods grind slowly they grind surely Owen's dead." "Owen!" Her eyes large with terror, Blount's words ringing in her ears "I shouldn't like to be the man at the bottom of this when Mr. Marvin hears of it." "'Owen," she repeated in a breathless whisper. "Harry, you didn't kill him?" "He didn't give me the chance.

Under free nature we have no standard of comparison by which to judge of the effects of long-continued use or disuse, for we know not the parent-forms; but many animals possess structures which can be best explained by the effects of disuse. As Professor Owen has remarked, there is no greater anomaly in nature than a bird that cannot fly; yet there are several in this state.

During these councils of war to plan Marian's belated début, Sylvia might snowball Allen or Dan or both of them all the way from Elizabeth House to Mrs. Owen's door, and then appear demurely before that amiable soul, with cheeks aglow and dark eyes flashing, and Mrs. Owen would say: "This school-teaching ain't good for you, Sylvia; it seems to be breaking down your health."