He told everyone how he was bothered by the spirit of Blaisette; but he did not add that abject terror of small-pox made him decide to spend some months with well-to-do relations in Jersey, which was quite exempt from the horrible disease. It was just before Lent when he came home to find a very bleak springtime keeping back the flowers in his garden at Orvillière.

"Because I lit a candle at the Mission to-day that you might realize it," he answered, smiling. To his surprise he saw a flash of terror in her eyes before she dropped them, and felt her shiver. But she answered coldly: "You have wasted a candle, senor. I have never had a wish that was not instantly gratified. But I thank you for the kind thought.

But when he was surely gone, after one fearful look at the white sea which encompassed her, the girl fled to the cabin, slammed the door after her, and flung herself on the bed to weep out her lonely terror in an ecstasy of tears. She had spent the first violence of her grief, and was sitting crouched on the rug before the open fire when the sound of a footstep, crunching the snow, startled her.

After a time, the group scattered from around him, and the ex-rifleman was again uncovered to my view. With some surprise, I perceived that the expression of his countenance had undergone a total change. It was no longer that of terror much less of despair.

And onwards over their bodies over pits choked with dead and dying, among heaps of mangled camels and donkeys, among decapitated or eviscerated trunks, the ghastly results of the shell fire; women and little children killed by the bombardment or praying in wild terror for mercy; blacks chained in their trenches, slaughtered in their chains always onwards marched the conquerors, with bayonets running blood; clothes, hands, and faces all besmeared; the foul stench of a month's accumulated filth in their nostrils, and the savage whistle of random bullets in their ears.

And, presently, the fight diminished, and so, at last, came to an end, the ship having drawn well away from the point, and being now in the open. And after that I ran down to my sweetheart, and opened her door, and thus, for a space, she wept, having her arms about my neck; for she had been in sore terror for me, and for all the ship's company.

However, I don't care about M. d'Estrelles. I want your opinions. Now, George!" her voice would begin to break "how can you be so unkind. You might really compose my mind a little, as the doctors say!" And through her incorrigible levity he would see for a moment the terror which always possessed her raise its head.

Ever since the brethren had been in Labrador, they had heard the Esquimaux speak of Indians in the interior, of whom they seemed greatly afraid; frequently a sudden terror would be diffused among their tribes, if they discovered any trace of that formidable people near them.

Strange that the significance of this sentence had failed to penetrate her consciousness until now! "If it was some girls I've met, I'd know what to think!" It had come into her mind abruptly; and always, when she sought to reassure herself, to declare her terror absurd, it returned to confront her.

And we live in places inhabited by men who have great spiritual power; therefore hath death no terror for us. I have briefly told ye all! Return ye now all together, cured of all worldly vanity. Ye have no fear of sin!" Saying amen, O foremost scion of Bharata's race, and saluting the great Muni, all those princes joyously returned to their country."