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And in serious cases the police did not like to do without Muller's help. And as usual when his work called him, Muller was as wide awake as if he had had a good night's sleep behind him. The interest of a new case robbed him of every trace of fatigue. It was he alone at his own request who raised the body and laid it on its back before he stepped aside to make way for the doctor.

Mortal weariness A morning greeting without any compliments A first meeting In the village ALÀ against the Orang-putei. Not having found even a trace of human habitation either on the second day of our march we were once more compelled to prepare a shelter for the night as best we could.

But of the high passion that had wedded us there was no trace, and of little senseless human bickerings there were a great many. For one thing" and the old lady's voice was changed "for one thing, he was foolishly particular about what he would eat and what he would not eat, and that upset my housekeeping, and I had never any patience with such nonsense."

And yet he could trace no signs of alienation. The truth was, the action of their lives had been inharmonious. Deep down in their hearts there was no defect of love. But this love was compelled to hide itself away; and so, for the most part, it lay concealed from even their own consciousness. During the second year of their married life there came a change of state in both Irene and her husband.

And, though he did not know, and don't know yet, whether the sound was caused by the step of man or beast, yet he soon seemed to think it safest to retreat; and my ear could distinctly trace his movements, as he clambered and pulled himself along back up the ledges to his retreat.

And it was all put down to poor Henry's account! Henry, long pardoned by his wife, was still too infamous to be greeted by his sister-in-law. It was morbid, and, to her alarm, Margaret fancied that she could trace the growth of morbidity back in Helen's life for nearly four years.

This circuitous march made by Kutusoff, either from indecision or stratagem, turned out fortunate for him. Murat lost all trace of him for three days. The Russian employed this interval in studying the ground and entrenching himself. His advanced guard had nearly reached Woronowo, one of the finest domains belonging to Count Rostopchin, when that nobleman proceeded forward before it.

"I am very glad to meet you," he said without the trace of an accent, although in that mechanical manner which makes the words sound as if they had been read many times out of a grammar or phrase-book. I took him for a Frenchman. "I must be going now, but I hope to meet you on board," I said, and we bowed again and I left him.

Her manner and voice had neither natural nor acquired refinement; and yet in the moulding of the head and face there was a dignity and perfection a touch, as it were, of the grand style which marked her out in a northern crowd and riveted the northern eye. Was it the trace of another national character, another civilisation, longer descended, less mixed, more deeply graven than ours?

Once more he gave a great sigh, and wiped his eyes with a childlike unconsciousness, and began to speak without a trace of his previous anger.