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Let us leave to despotism to prepare its slaves for its commands by ignorance." Ducos, a young and generous-hearted Girondist, with whom enthusiasm for the honest carried him beyond the policy of his party, moved for the printing of this speech. His voice was drowned amidst the applause and murmurs which followed a testimony of the indecision and impartiality of men's minds.

You have my word in the matter, and now I have gone so far I shall carry it through. From the moment when I ordered him into that dungeon his fate was sealed, and in truth, when I gave the order I did so to put an end to the indecision in which my mind had been all night.

Didn't he need a lot of persuading? He had quite made up his mind to sue me. It would have been a pleasant thing had the count come to hear of it. Vile usurer! I was afraid, one moment, of being obliged to tell him all." While inveighing thus against the money-lender, the advocate looked at his watch. "Half-past five already," he said. His indecision was great.

She slipped off the table, and stood beside it in a painful state of indecision. She longed to get away from the sight of him, to escape; but at the same time, being Deleah, she also longed to comfort. "I shall not even tell mama," she promised. "We shall go on just as usual. And soon soon we shall forget it has happened." "Shall we?" "Oh, yes!

But he was to learn the nature of Matilda's sentiments sooner than he expected. It was growing dusk, and he was unpacking a parcel of goods in his front shop for his saloon happened to be empty just then when the outer door swung back, and a slight girlish figure entered, after a pause of indecision on the threshold. It was Matilda. Had she come to break it off to reproach him?

Taking advantage of their indecision, I immediately rose and. ordered my vakeel and Richarn to disarm them as they were thus scattered. Foreseeing that the time had arrived for actual physical force, the cowards capitulated, agreeing to give up their arms and ammunition if I would give them their written discharge.

But this time he gave way to no further indecision. Where she had darted under the trees he followed in her path. They were just under the covert of the first trees on a steep footpath when he stopped her, and above him she turned, listening. The scent of moss and fern and overhanging leaf was sweet.

"Believe, man! why, I have seen him." I leaned back in my chair, wondering whether I should laugh or look solemn. He noted my indecision, and his eyes twinkled they were the blue-gray of the Irish, the eyes of a seer or an amiable ironist. "Listen! but first let us get some strong cigars. Garçon!" As we smoked our panatelas he related this history:

Mary Cary drew the big wing chair closer to the fire and sat upon its arm, one slippered foot on the fender. "No. He has not gone yet. He goes to-morrow, I believe." "He does!" Miss Gibbie looked at the face opposite, and over her own again swept indecision. During supper she had been too incensed to trust herself to tell what that afternoon had reached her ears, and yet it must to told.

"Anders," said Leo, while the natives remained in this state of indecision, "my mind is made up as to our course of action. We will offer no resistance whatever to these fellows. We must be absolutely submissive, unless, indeed, they attempt to ill-treat Oblooria, in which case of course we will defend her. Do you hear?"