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It suggests only a parcel of petty chiefs ill-clad and ill-conditioned savages much like our Indians, who lived in full sight of each other and whose "kingdoms" were large when they were five miles square and contained two thousand souls.

It naturally fell upon Emile to provide the details of her transformation, and he presented himself at her lodgings one afternoon, bearing an ungainly parcel which he deposited on the table. "You'd better try these on," he said. "There is a complete suit of boy's clothes, a wig and everything you'll want. You will have to put your own hair out of the way somehow."

The porter, in the passage, was carrying away the outer boards of the packing-case and in the drawing-room they found Barker, knee deep in straw, ripping the heavy sacking covering that enveloped a much diminished but still enormous parcel. Gregory came to his aid.

'Never mind, Dick, old man, said Harry kindly, 'it's all UP. 'All up? cried Dick. 'Yes, I know why you went to Yarraman; but it's been a wasted journey, Dick. Shine was arrested a couple of hours ago, an' she's broken hearted. Dick received the news in silence, and they walked homewards together. 'What'll I do with this? asked Dick at Hardy's gate, producing a parcel from under his vest.

In her bath she picked up the soap and dropped it back in the tidy again quickly. "Don't use soap; bring it to office." She remembered the message in a flash. Beale had known that this parcel was coming then, and his "most urgent" warning was not a joke. She dressed quickly, made a poor breakfast and was at the office ten minutes before the hour.

She could not blame Alvan for his desperate passion, though pitying the victim of it. In any case the instant of the arrival of the carriage was her opportunity marked by the finger of Providence rendered visible, and she sat rocking her parcel on her lap.

This the evidence performed punctually, whereupon Bigg sent him a second time to the Blackboy, in Goodman's Fields, where a second parcel was left, though of no value. Whereupon Bigg would have had the evidence Salter concerned in a third letter to the same purpose, but Salter declined it and dissuaded him as much as lay in his power, from continuing to venture on such hazardous things.

Venning picked up his parcel and followed the officers. Out of the comer of his eye he saw the seeming yellow cur lift its head and smell at the thongs which were bound about the prisoner's legs. Then he hurried on. "Wow! the bull drives, the cow into the water. He is cunning. Ow ay, he knows." "What does he know, old talker?" asked one of the officers. "The cow is fat," laughed the old man.

She brought a large package from the foot of the sofa and gave it to me. I took it, but turned it over to Miller. "Here, open this parcel yourself, Mr. Scientist. I want you to be satisfied as to its character." Miller undid the package as cautiously as if it were an infernal machine.

As the two boys passed out of the store, Jasper asked, "What does it mean, Ropes?" "I don't know myself. I only know that there is said to be a parcel containing a cloak in my room. This cloak came from the store, and I am suspected of having stolen it." "Whew! that's a serious matter. Of course it is all a mistake?" "Yes, it is all a mistake."