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"Aw, you needn't be correcting my English," responded Ikey. "There are no medals on you for being a purist." "Wow, wow!" yelled Torry. "Listen to him sling language." "Hold on, fellows," Whistler said, diving for the glass he never went to sea without. "That's no smack." They all had turned to look at the approaching craft which Ikey had first sighted.

You must know of a lot of huts that have their own church and their own parsonage; and that rule over the district and the peasant homes and the neighbouring farms and barracks, wow, wow, wow? Do you call this a hut? To this hut belong the richest possessions in Skåne, you beggars!

With respect to themselves, they found it necessary, in conformity to the orders of the fetish, to walk to a neighbouring village, and there to spend the night. Their course to Wow, through this creek, was north-by-east; and Badagry, by the route they came, was about thirty miles distant.

"If we'd only had it when the war was on imagine half a dozen of us scooting over the enemy batteries and the gunners underneath all at once beginning to shake themselves to pieces! Wow!" His tone was rapturous. "It's easy enough to explain, Larry," I said. "The effect, that is for what the green ray is made of I don't know, of course.

"Ye've been fighting again, Dandie, wi' some o' the Bewcastle horse-coupers! Wow, man, a married man, a bonny family like yours, should ken better what a father's life's worth in the warld." The tears stood in the good woman's eyes as she spoke.

They are in peace, and they can live in peace; but is Muata a goat that he should live in a kraal? Wow! I am a Hunter, like this little one;" and he patted the jackal on the head. "We are only too glad to have you, chief, if your mind is fully made up?"

They resumed the journey and had only taken a few steps when the Ork cried "Wow!" and made a great fluttering of its wings and whirling of its tail. The others, who were following a short distance behind, stopped abruptly. "What's the matter?" asked Cap'n Bill. "Give us a light," was the reply. "I think we've come to the end of the tunnel."

He pointed to two tiny figures, barely visible in the distance. "Wow! They're sure not wasting any time!" Mel muttered. "Let's step on it, Bud! They'll be ashore in a minute!" A darting school of sea bass screened the figures briefly from view. As the fish flickered past, Mel and Bud saw the frogmen breast-stroke up toward the surface and break water. Bud and Mel followed.

In front of all stood Henry Prince the son of Pequis, Chief of the Swampy tribe, attended by his interpreter and pipe-bearer. My appearance upon the door-step was the signal for a burst of deep and long-rolling, "Ho, ho's," and then the ceremony commenced. There Was no dance or "pow wow;" it meant business at once.

The ball went slowly toward the plate, with flat trajectory. "Wow!" came the sudden explosion. It was a jump-ball, going almost to the plate, then rising instead of falling. Three more of these Dick served, and now the cheering was the biggest of the afternoon. Fred Ripley's mouth was wide open, his breath coming jerkily. Three fine inshoots followed.

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