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The Laird's dead! aweel, death pays a' scores; he was a kind man ance. The Sheriff's flitted, and I can keep canny in the bush; so there's no muckle hazard o' scouring the cramp- ring. I would like to see bonny Ellangowan again or I die. Brown meanwhile proceeded northward at a round pace along the moorish tract called the Waste of Cumberland.

Bonny, an American Missionary, who was then a resident at Newtown, but who hoped soon to settle in Whampoa, and was making arrangements for a house within its walls. He appeared devoted to his vocation, with strong hopes of success. It was a very superior instrument, and an excellent method of conveying to unpractised minds, many things, which otherwise must have remained mysteries to them.

My knowledge of Bonny, Bell, and Akkwa towns, Libreville, Lembarene, Kabinda, Boma, Banana, Nkoi, Loanda, etc., is extensive and peculiar, and I have spent hours in them when the whole of the missionary and Government people have been safe in their distant houses; so had the evils of the liquor traffic been anything like half what it is made out to be I must have come across it in appalling forms, and I have not.

And Ennis, turning quickly, noted the group, four young non-commissioned officers and three of the garrison girls, all of them toying with the name of good old Mayhew's bonny daughter, she whom that veteran English horseman had taught and guarded with such jealous care, to the end that jealousy burned in the hearts of a dozen other girls less favored in face or fortune.

"They are Dr Gordon's sons, aunt," said Lilias, in answer to Mrs Blair's look of surprise. "I saw them that night." And the vivid remembrance of "that night" made her cheek grow pale. "I hardly knew you, you have grown so bonny," said Robert, gravely. Lilias laughed. "Come into the manse, and you will see your young friends without interruption," said kind Mrs Graham. "Come, Archie."

The time may come when you ought to tell; but until then, I shall not even allow myself to wonder who the faithless man may be." Isy burst into tears. "Don't call him that, sir! Don't drive me to doubt him. Don't let the thought cross my mind that he could have helped doing nothing! Besides, I deserve nothing! And for my bonny bairn, he maun by this time be back hame to Him that sent him!"

They had never been in the country in the early spring before; and even "bonny Glen Elder," in the prime of summer, had no wonders such as revealed themselves day by day to their unaccustomed eyes. The catkins on the willows, the gradual swelling of the hawthorn-buds, the graceful tassels of the silver birch, were to them a beauty and a mystery.

Springing up she would have taken Bonny Angel from Timothy's arms into her own had he not rudely pushed her down again, commanding sternly: "Try that no more, colleen, lest ye'd be after murderin' the pair of us! Sit flat, sit flat, girl, an' cut no monkey-shines with nobody, a-ridin' on a hand-car." Glory had not thought of danger, though her new friend had not over-rated it.

"I well mind, said my father, o' the time when they first cam' among us, an' how kin' was a' the neebors, to his pale sad-lookin' wife and the bonny light-hearted Geordie, who was owre young at the time, to realize to its fu' extent the sad habit into which his father had fa'n. When Mr.

"Nane o' her ain dignity, like. Ye see she's naething but bonny. She HAS naething. An' though she's as guid a cratur as ever lived, the cauld grun' o' her poverty gaithers the fog o' an ill report. An' I'm thinkin' maybe she's the prooder for her poverty, an' winna gang til her inferriors sae lang as her aiquals dinna invete her.