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And that's a guid thing, special in a minister, wha has to set an example! I was sair pleased wi' the auld body." There was one in the Edinburgh lodging, however, of whom Mrs.

"Hech! lad, that was a guid ane," said the disappointed man with a sigh; "but he's awa'." "Ay," observed Swankie, "and we must awa' too, so up anchor, lad. The rock's lookin' oot o' the sea, and time's precious." The anchor was speedily pulled up, and they rowed towards the rock, the ragged edges of which were now visible at intervals in the midst of the foam which they created.

I needna say the bridegroom wasna there. Some fowk thoucht it a guid sign that he hadna cairried the body wi' him; but maybe he was ower suddent scared by the fut o' the priest's horse upo' the drawbrig, an' dauredna bide his oncome. Sae the fower fut stane wa' had to flee afore him, for a throu gang to the Prence o' the Pooer o' the Air.

"I want Davie to go 'prentice to your ain brither, guid wife it's nane o' my doing if you ca' your ain kin ill names and, Davie, your uncle maks you a fair offer, an' you'll just be a born fool to refuse it." "What is it, father?"

After this we stood awhile, staring past each other into the deepening shadows. "Peter," said he at last, "it's no a vera genteel present tae be makin' ye, I doot," and he held up the battered shoes. "They're unco worn, an' wi' a clout here an' there, ye'll notice, but the buckles are guid siller, an' I hae naething else to gi'e ye.

At the same time, the so-called "sports" might well reply that it is not with any of the really admirable qualities of the "unco guid" that they quarrel, but their too narrow interpretations of virtue and duty and their groundless generalization as to types and classes. Be it so. Here is meat for a thousand controversies. A True Patriarch

The man was monosyllabic to a degree, as the real bushmen generally are. It is only the rowdy and the town-bushy that are fluent of speech. "Guid mornin'," said M'Gregor. "Mornin', boss," said the drover, shortly. "Is this the horrse ye hae for sale?" "Yes."

Excuse this ill-writ note, for the paper is bad and I'm no sure o' my English when it's guid. Your obedient servant and loving guid friend, I pulled the dab of mud close to my elbow and read it again. In part it was plain enough. That Maclachlan was madly in love with Margaret had become almost a matter of common gossip.

But let me tell you, if there was a union here, it would soon put an end to you an' yer damn'd cantraips." "Very weel. Gang on an' start yin. Man, though ye were a' in a union the morn, I could buy an' sell the majority of them for the promise of a guid place, or a bottle of whisky Ay, if they jist thocht they were in wi' the gaffer, I'd get all I wanted frae the maist o' them.

The King's messenger stood on his toes and whispered up into the guard's ear. The guard looked down on him. "King's messenger! Go on with yer!" He shoved him back. "Yes, garn with yer!" said Scotty, "but he's gained a guid half oor wi' his King's-messenger talk. I think I'll hae tae be something important masel' sune." The soldier with Scotty could speak French.

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