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Two battered red columns of fantastic design, that were once light towers to guide ships, stood on either side midway between the extremities of the building and the water, but on the opposite side of the road. These two towers were beflagged and illuminated and carried the limelight, and between and behind them was gathered a densely packed audience of forty or fifty thousand people.

"Yes, there's no doubt you've been fighting," continued the captain, looking from Weeks to me and from me to Weeks, and seeming to take considerably more interest than either of us cared for in our bruised knuckles and battered faces and generally dilapidated appearance; for his long nose turned up scornfully as he sniffed and expanded his nostrils, compressing his thin lips at the end of his inspection with an air of decision.

"Let him in at the side door, and send him to me," Saunders ordered, in a gentle tone. "I'll see him." A moment later the man entered, and shuffled in a slipshod way up to Saunders's desk. He was about seventy years of age, wore a threadbare frock coat, baggy trousers, disreputable shoes, and a battered silk hat of ancient, bell-shaped pattern.

Going to a side table, be mixed for himself, in an old battered silver cap, a generous draught of bombo; then, with the drink in his hand, walked heavily across the uncarpeted floor to his armchair, which creaked under his weight as he sank into its leathern lap.

"I believe they broke up all the jolly old figureheads with hatchets and enjoyed doing it." "Like Mr. Quilp," I answered, "when he battered the wooden Admiral with the poker." His whole face suddenly became alive, and for the first time he stood erect and stared at me. "Do you come to Yarmouth for that?" he asked. "For what?" "For Dickens," he answered, and drummed with his foot on the deck.

A number of empty houses were battered; and the headgear of the "Kimberley Mine" was hit by a passing missile, which occasioned not a little consternation among the families who, finding no room at the bottom, were quartered at the top of the shaft.

"I'll get my hat and go," he said, and he went in the house, to appear almost instantly, putting on the battered hat, but clothed far too thinly for the rigors of the weather. "But, Jim, it's beginning to snow, right now," objected Bone. "I may get back before it's dark," old Jim replied. "I can see you're goin' to lose the claim," insisted Bone. "I'm goin' to git that shrub!" said Jim.

So Bob, shivering with excitement, but not fear, hastened to follow at the heels of his chum, as Frank hastily crawled out of the tent. A rather battered looking moon was part way up in the Eastern heavens.

One or two of the vessels with which we commenced the voyage together, part company in a gale, and founder miserably; others, after being wofully battered in the tempest, make port, or are cast upon surprising islands where all sorts of unlooked-for prosperity awaits the lucky crew.

"The rusty, weed-coated steamer rolling on the blue combers, and the little, battered tug, holding her head-to-sea. The breeze was strong and for some days they had not made three knots an hour. Well, I know something about fever, but they were all sick; the engineer delirious and very weak " Barbara, sitting near the passenger, made an effort for calm. Her heart beat and her breath came fast.