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He piled the letters, sealed, before the Cap'n, and the latter counted them carefully and issued stamps with scrupulous exactness. Replies came in printed return envelopes; but, though they bore his name, Cap'n Sproul scornfully refused to touch one of them.

I fall to humming a little tune, but can scarcely hear it myself! the sound is crushed to death in the roar of the water. "That's right," I say to myself scornfully. "You ought always to stand by a deafening foss when you feel like humming a tune." And I laugh at myself again. With suchlike childish fancies do I pass the time.

Ordinarily, however, his displeasure in the matter of unsuitable food, or in other matters was exhibited by no more overt action than his retirement to a corner he had his choices in corners, governed by the intensity of his feelings and there seating himself with his back turned scornfully to an offending world.

How scornfully she had flashed at Carl! Diane quivered and lay very still, torn by the bitter irony of it. And the Indian mother! Carl had known and Ronador. She had caught a startled look in the eyes of each at the Sherrill fête.

His voice rose to a veritable menace as he sketched the future which awaited them and then sank again. "How's London!" he growled, harping scornfully on the unfortunate phrase. Ballantyne had had luck that night. He had chanced upon two of the banalities of ordinary talk which give an easy occasion for the bully. Thresk's twenty-four hours to give to Chitipur provided the best opening.

He even bowed to an almost painfully washed and brushed young usher with gold-rimmed eye-glasses. He thought scornfully of his salad days, when he had bowed to the Brass-button Man at the Nickelorion.

"There is nothing to tell: he left it; that is all." "Oh, the good Seigneur," cried Farette, "the grand Seigneur!" Some one laughed scornfully in the doorway. It was Julie. "Look there," she cried; "he gets the land, and throws away the gun! Brag and coward, miller! It is for me to say 'the grand Seigneur!" She tossed her head: she thought the old Seigneur had relented towards her.

The afternoon sun now had banished the black clouds the wind had fallen the sky was a quiet blue and birds rose and fell, rivers shone and had passed, roads were white like ribbons, broad and brown like crinkled paper, then ribbons again as the train flung Devonshire, scornfully, behind its back. Peter was conscious that his body was once more to be tenanted. But by whom?

Why should you have to take to gambling, at your time of life? You're not shamming ennui, are you, to imitate your swell acquaintances? Ennui! I could cure their ennui for them, if they'd only come to me!" she added, somewhat scornfully. "A cure for ennui?" he said. "That would be valuable; what is it?"

"More broken glass!" said Giovanni scornfully, as he lowered his point and stepped back two paces. "Take another sword, sir," he said; "I will not kill you defenceless." "Good heavens, Giovanni!" exclaimed his father in the greatest excitement; "where on earth did you learn that trick?" "On my travels, father," returned Giovanni, with a smile; "where you tell me I learned so much that was bad.

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