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She caught a glimpse of his face as he sank to the floor; there was a gaping hole in his forehead and his eyes were set and staring with an expression of awful horror and astonishment. Then the kitchen darkened, she felt the floor rising to meet her, and she knew no more. The first sound that Betty heard when consciousness began to return to her was a loud pounding at the kitchen door.

Presently the tired sun sank like a weight, red-hot, burning his way down through filmy layers of Indian ink.

Gazing at it, Eliza sank noiselessly down on the fragment of a rock, and clasping her hands on her knees, she contemplated the glorious spectacle by which God speaks to man every morning.

At length the ship was free; but alas, many of the poor fellows who had hitherto held out, sank quickly under the fatal disease from which they had long been suffering. One by one they sank, till ten had died besides the captain. The voyage home was almost as trying as their detention in the ice.

His cheeks were tingling, almost as if they had been slapped. He followed the boys at a distance; they moved towards the Upper School. His heart sank; what if they were in his dormitory? He entered the building just as the last of the three was going up the Sixth Form dormitory stairs. At the foot of the staircase Irving hesitated until the sound of the voices and footsteps had ceased.

"They did," returned Beauregard, somewhat surprised at her question, "but the torpedo boat, I think, went down with the ship she blew up; at any rate no one has seen her or any of her crew since the explosion. I knew that it was almost certain death to them." Fanny Glen sank back in the chair. She almost lost consciousness in her agony. She murmured strange and incoherent words.

Immediately, however, they went to the foot of the stairway and called, "Thora." There was no answer, and the mother's heart sank like lead, as she hastened to her daughter's room and threw open the door. Then she saw her stricken child, lying as if dead upon the floor.

He told Hoppy Manners he was not going to hunt that week as he feared he would have to be in London. My heart sank. We all went to our rooms early and Peter remained downstairs reading. As he never read in winter I knew there was something seriously wrong, so I went down in my tea-gown to see him. It was nearly midnight. The room was empty and we were alone. He never looked up.

Some snowy tops pillowed themselves on the utmost horizon, and across the Campagna the broken aqueducts stalked and fell down and stumbled to their legs again. The Baths of Caracalla bulked up in rugged, monstrous fragments, and then in the foreground, filling the whole eye, the Colosseum rose and stood, and all Rome sank round it.

But it slipped away, and Mary explained with her soft composure why she was there alone that Miss Puttenham was suffering from a succession of bad nights and was keeping her room that she sent word the Rector must please rest a little before going home, and allow Mary to give him tea. Meynell sank obediently into a chair by the open window, and Mary ministered to him.