In his lectures, Kant used to please the boys by such phrases as this, "I dearly love the muse, although I must admit that I have never been the recipient of any of her favors."

"Why, why," he shouted, "he's getting shinier every minute and his mane's growing longer and longer." From that moment he regarded Hugh as a man and a brother. But Lynn had got to business. "No," she said when offered a chair "oh, no, thank you, we can't stay Miss Bibby doesn't know we've come. But will you please deal with Larkin?" "Deal with Larkin?" Hugh repeated.

I wish to see the face of the lad only if the gods please.

I don't know how I am going to communicate with you. I cannot bear to leave you without any means of letting me know if you are in trouble." "I don't think there will be any trouble," she said contentedly. "There might be. How would it do for me to tell the Dragon that you belong to me and that you are to be free to go and come as you please or to use the telephone whenever you like?"

"No, no!" exclaimed Mrs. Martin. "He was grieved over your going off so, and he has tried his best to find you, but you see he didn't know where to look for you." "Did he try to find me, Mrs. Martin? Oh, I'm so glad! And can I see him now, please?" The boy's voice trembled with eagerness as he spoke.

"Oh, please do not call me Miss Windsor, call me Maggie: I cannot tell you anything if you call me Miss Windsor. You know I never had a mother; and there are some things which a girl must tell to some one." "Maggie, dear," said Mary gently, "tell me everything. It will ease your mind, even if I cannot help you in any way."

For that matter, it was not a custom of hers to notice young men. There was something about them she did not understand. The way they looked at her made her uncomfortable, she knew not why; while there was an uncouthness and roughness about them that did not please her. As yet, her imagination had been untouched by man.

"Get it, Mr. Hawes, if you please." Mr. Hawes went out. "Mr. Williams, are these the Prison Rules by Act of Parliament?" and he showed him the paper. "They are, sir." "Examine them closely, Mr. Lacy; they contain the whole discipline of this prison as by law established. Keep them before you. It is with these you will have to compare the jailer's acts.

Good-bye, guest; may you be happy!" Clara went up to old Hammond, threw her arms about his neck and kissed him heartily, and said: "You are a dear old man, and may have your jest about me as much as you please; and it won't be long before we see you again; and you may be sure we shall make our guest happy; though, mind you, there is some truth in what you say."

Please don't carry this entire library to Wisconsin, as you would have carried it to Africa, if I had not put my foot down." "Was Tobey here?" asked Professor Porter. "Yes, I just left him. He and Esmeralda are exchanging religious experiences on the back porch now." "Tut, tut, I must see him at once!" cried the professor.