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The eyes of the man in the bed met hers first mechanically without any sign of consciousness; then was it imagination? or was there a sudden change of expression a quick trouble a flickering of the lids? Bridget shook through every limb. If he recognised her, if the sight of her brought memory back even a gleam of it there was an end of everything, of course.

This was the first time the students had appeared for several days. We asked the official if they would not be arrested, and he said, "No, not if they keep within the law and do not make any trouble among the people." This morning when we got the paper it was full of nothing else.

There was considerable trouble in settling Rousseau. He was eager to leave London almost as soon as he arrived in it. Though pleased with the friendly reception which had been given him, he pronounced London to be as much devoted to idle gossip and frivolity as other capitals.

The captain wisely refused to purchase any needles or thread for me on shore, or any articles of ladies' dress, for fear of the Jesuitical spies, who might surmise something and cause further trouble.

"If you only think for a moment," said Jiuyémon, "you will see that there is nothing to fear. How can beasts and hobgoblins exercise any power over men? However, do not let the matter trouble you.

"Seems to me that Sammy is very much excited this morning," said he, a way he has because he is so much alone. "When he screams like that, Sammy is usually trying to do two things at once make trouble for somebody and keep somebody else out of trouble; and when you come to think of it, that's rather a funny way of doing.

If farmers will pay a little attention to cheese in its different stages, much trouble can be avoided. In union there is strength. So there is in a smoking car. The tendency of the stage is to present practical, everyday affairs in plays, and those are the most successful which are the most natural.

The previous afternoon and evening had been spent listening to an account of Shirley's experiences in Europe and a smile had flitted across even the judge's careworn face as his daughter gave a humorous description of the picturesque Paris student with their long hair and peg-top trousers, while Stott simply roared with laughter. Ah, it was good to laugh again after so much trouble and anxiety!

"Some one," so she phrased it in the incoherence of her pain, "had always been there before her." What she supposed her exclusive property was only second-hand, had been already owned by others. They let her play at being first in the field, original and sole proprietress, because it saved them trouble by keeping her quiet and amused.

About this time, a personage of great station, and who very much admired Lord George Bentinck, wrote to him, and recommended him not to trouble himself about the general discipline of the party, but to follow his own course, and lead that body of friends who under all circumstances would adhere to him, instancing the case of Mr. Canning, under circumstances not altogether dissimilar.