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"I know more about a tomboy-a than a tomoya, my saucy friend," observed Nina, surveying her with disapproval "and I can be as cross about it as any Buddhist, too. You are, to express it as pleasantly as possible, a sight! Child, what on earth have you been doing? There are two smears on your cheeks!" "I've been crying," said the girl, with an amused sidelong flutter of her lids toward Selwyn.

The gods forbid that I should claim to hold the answer to the eternal mystery of woman." "Dear me! I ask for a photograph and he gives me a poem," she mocked, touching an electric button. "I try merely to interpret the poem." She looked at him under lowered lids with a growing interest. Her experience had not warranted her in hoping that he would prove worth while.

The kettles were frozen hard, and there was no water in the cabin with which to wash. But he did not mind that. Waiting for it to thaw, he sliced the bacon and plunged into the hateful task of bread-making. Cuthfert had been slyly watching through his half-closed lids. Consequently there was a scene, in which they fervently blessed each other, and agreed, henceforth, that each do his own cooking.

Kenelm looked through half-closed lids at the artist, and his lips, before slightly curved with a secret scorn, became gravely compressed.

She turned her face slowly, when he had settled himself, and she looked at him with slightly bent head, a little upwards, from under her lids. The light that fell from a shaded lamp above her marked the sharp curve of arching brows sharply against the warm shadow over the deep-set and widely opened eyes. For a few seconds Guido returned the steady gaze, before he spoke.

She spoke with a certain remoteness, as if her business with him were formal. The lines of her mouth were hard; her heavy lids only half raised themselves. 'I mean that you owe nothing of this kind, he answered, rather confusedly. His confidence was less marked; her look overcame his. 'Not ten pounds? 'Well, you don't. He added, 'Whose is this money? 'It is my own; I have earned it.

His features were large and heavy: the full, wide lips betrayed a fondness for indulgence, and the small, uneasy eyes a capacity for concealing this and any other quality which needed concealment. They were hard and cold, generally more than half hidden under thick lids, and avoided, rather than sought, the glance of the man to whom he spoke.

Enid lay white, motionless, rigid, where he had placed her; her eyelids were not quite closed, and the eyes were visible between the lids; her lips were open, but the teeth were tightly closed; a slight froth showed itself about her mouth. "It is no faint," the Rector said to himself. "It is a fit, a nervous seizure of some sort.

Then raising his eyes, with lids nearly closed, he chanted in an infantile, wailing tone. That was the opening prayer.

Nor did he cease to speak because tears dropped perpetually from the eyes which were turned to him, and which seemed day by day to lose color from the pupils, and to grow redder round the lids from weeping. "Them that sleep in Jesus shall GOD bring with Him. Ah! Mrs. Lake, ma'am, they're grand words for you and me.

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