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On Monday my good friend Chamberlin, The Listener of The Transcript filled his column with a long review of my heretical harangue. With one leap I had reached the lime-light of conservative Boston's disapproval! Chamberlin, himself a "philosophical anarchist," was pleased with the individualistic note which ran through my harangue.

Gardiner dance every dance together, and the murmur of stern disapproval grew louder. At last, the couple was missed from the ball-room altogether. Some one reported having seen them strolling up and down the beach in the moonlight.

That must be our secret awhile longer. I cannot meet mother's disapproval just yet. Do you believe, that horrid old aunt in America wrote asking me to come out there and oversee the hands in a cotton mill. Niggers, I dare say, as I believe they are mostly that in Massachusetts, are they not?" Bessie did not reply to this, but said to him, quietly: "Mr.

While he mentioned with a warm appreciation the acts of kindness which those in authority had shown to him and his people, he would speak of a cruel deed, not with the indignation of one accustomed to quick feeling and spontaneous expression, but with a furtive disapproval which suggested to us a doubt in his own mind as to whether he had a right to think or to feel, and presented to us the curious psychological spectacle of a mind enslaved long after the shackles had been struck off from the limbs of its possessor.

A long while before Judge Sewall had expressed his disapproval of the excesses at dinners, the wine-drinking and conviviality, and had set Friday for commencement so that there would be less time for frolicking.

The general disapproval might well have shown itself in a harsher manner than that of merely ignoring my existence and it says much for the tone of the school that it did not; unfortunately, I felt their indifference almost as keenly as I had dreaded their notice.

"It would be well if you all," the latter replied bluntly, "were to ship in the Fleet for a few months instead of wasting your time in empty pleasures." The Earl smiled. Prince Rupert's extreme disapproval of the life at Court was well known. "We cannot all be Bayards, Prince, and most of us would, methinks, be too sick at sea to be of much assistance, were we to go.

By and by he'll find out that tending to his business honestly is about one man's job." So, without active opposition, and with only tacit disapproval, Bob made his change. Nor was he received at headquarters with any blare of trumpets. "I'll put you on as 'temporary' until the fall examinations," said Thorne, "and you can try it out. Rangering is hard work all kinds of hard work.

When it was suggested to Douglass that the Haytians were given to revolution as a mode of expressing disapproval of their rulers, he replied that a four years' rebellion had been fought and two Presidents assassinated in the United States during a comparatively peaceful political period in Hayti.

Mary Louise decided to drive to Millbank with them, just for the pleasure of the trip, and although the boy evidently regarded her presence with distinct disapproval he made no verbal objection. As Irene wheeled herself out upon the porch to see them start, Mary Louise called to her: "Here's your chair cushion, Irene, lying on the steps and quite wet with dew.